"Beyond the Sea" is ten!

Beyond the Sea compie 10 anni!It’s quite incredible but this month our website is going to celebrate ten years of life online.

Many things changed since 2001, but the first idea, to create an Italian episode guide to The X-Files (that was still on air!) remains the heart of “Beyond the Sea” even today. Around that idea, then we built all the rest.

We decided to call our website “Beyond the Sea” to honor one of the best episodes ever produced on the show (we wavered between “Beyond the Sea” and “One Breath”, but in the end the first one won).

Many years after our online debut, when it seemed none cared about Mulder and Scully anymore, "I Want to Believe" was announced and our website, that we renewed just a little time before, was invaded by new and old fans of the show. We opened our forum in the same period and during those days it was always alive at any hour, night and day. In the same year we had the incredible opportunity to attend to the IWTB London Premiere and meeting Chris Carter and Frank Spotnitz.

Since those days “Beyond the Sea” is still growing up, not only in terms of web pages, but also in terms of relationships and friendships between our users who visit us almost every day to speak about The X-Files and Mulder and Scully. All together we invaded the “Telefilm Festival” twice, bringing both the X-Files movies and the Season 8 finale on the big screen (in the same day, we paid our tribute to Kim Manners and that remains – maybe – the most incredible and moving experience we had together as website, friends and philes).

So, this year we’re going to celebrate our birthday in a very special way. There is a gift ready for all of you, but we decided to reveal our surprise the next 10/13 (the date is not random of course – for more than one reason).

In the meanwhile, thanks to everyone for these ten great years together and happy birthday “Beyond the Sea”!


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