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For those of you who do not know about The X Files - This scene is so powerful in it's tiniest form. Scully... was abducted about 6 years before this very scene and because of that she was left barren, but did not find out until she was diagnosed with cancer 2-3 years later. - Mulder ended up finding her ova while she had cancer, but did not want to tell her about their invalidity while she was sick. But, in season 7 the truth was revealed to her. & she took the ova to another doctor for a second opinion and he told her she could try IVF (in vitro fertilization), she just needed a donor.

She asked Mulder to donate his sperm for the procedure. He hesitated his answer at first, with fear it would come between their strong friendship. But, he agreed cause he just wants her to be happy. Unfortunately, the IVF was a failed procedure. Although Mulder is a believer and told her to "Never give up on a miracle." It is believed by many (us avid viewers) that after those words, the two had slept together. It was never really talked about... or shown on screen. But, all signs pointed in that direction by the time she was pregnant in the season 7 finale.

I hope that made more people appreciate the intense power of this little scene. & to add to it's epicness I added some past and future scenes from the series to help bring MORE meaning to what they are actually talking about to one another. Because, they may not be saying it in SO MANY words, but that was my interpretation of what exactly they were saying and meaning when they spoke them.

They way I edited this video, I guess is usually how I edit most of my recent videos. - VERY dramatically. But, in this one... I tried to step it up a bit, by slowing down a lot of the scenes where they are just staring at each other. I think it just added to the moment. Other than that, I trued a new color setting.... in all honesty... it was really random. LOL I opened up color correcter, and LITERALLY spazzed on the controls, and fortunately... came up with that. LMFAO. & well.. the glow effect is just kick freaking ass.

Anyhoot.... on the flash backs and flash forwards, I decided to use an audio effect to add to the authenticity (I guess you could say) of the clips. FYI - I have no idea what I am saying.

Alright. WRAP IT UP. I talked to much. I really hope I created an epic video to go with such an epic scene. I really did NOT spend my usual two week video editing sessions on this video. It was kinda... no it was REALLY rushed. Lol. But, I hope I did it justice.

STARTED ON: July 29th at 3am.
FINISHED ON: July 31st at 6am.

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