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We like our website in Italian, but sometimes we feel we have to share our thoughts with the rest of the world too.
That's why we opened this area on "Beyond the Sea". Occasionally, you could find here some content of ours translated in English.
Hope you enjoy the effort, philes!

We're talking about The X-Files since 18 years

We’re talking about The X-Files since 18 years

In my mind I wrote this post many times, while I was stuck in traffic, walking by the sea or working out at the gym. I know this post won’t be so beautiful as those I only imagined, but the beginning of all those posts was always the same, and it’ll be the same this time as well.

Beyond the sea is online since 18 years. And it’s scary.

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Dana Scully is 50!

Dana Scully

This is a time for “round” numbers. We just finished to celebrate “The X-Files” 20th anniversary, but here we are celebrating another round number that maybe is even more impressing.

Today, Dana Scully is 50. When I realized it, my first thought was: “Damn, I’m old”!
But this “50” seems to be different. I can’t imagine a 50-years-old Scully and I’d be very curious to know how Chris Carter or Frank Spotnitz imagine her nowadays.

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Frank Spotnitz speaks to ''Beyond the Sea'' at the Rome Fiction Fest 2013

Frank Spotnitz attended the last edition of the Rome Fiction Fest in September. The Italian event paid its tribute to "The X-Files" 20th Anniversary with a screening of two episodes of the series and a talk with the writer (you can find the video of the complete talk on YouTube). In that occasion he also received the Excellence Award for his work on the show.

But... before all of this happened, Frank was so kind (and I'd say, very happy too) to seat down with us, the Italian fans, and chat about our favourite show ever. We talked practically about everything, from how he started to work on the show to XF3. Frank was very enthusiast (to say at least) to speak about "The X-Files", as any 'regular' X-Files fan does, and it was really a blast for all of us.

Finally, the result is out there now, for every Phile in the world who can't speak Italian. You can read the complete transcript of our conversation with Frank in this post.

Last, but not the least, I'd like to say "thank you" to Frank for everything he did with us and for us that day in Rome.

It was a wonderful day, indeed! Grazie, Frank!

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Frank Spotnitz: a fan like us

Roma Fiction FestSo, here we are preparing ourselves to the next weekend events with both David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson, but the truth is… it’s very hard to focus on all of that while we’re still thinking about our meeting with Frank Spotnitz at the last Rome Fiction Fest.

A fan between other fans, that is what Frank was that day (we’re working on the transcription of our chat, so stay tuned because we want to post it here as soon as possible).

I had (and still have) no words to describe this experience so I asked for help to my friends who were there with me. You can read some of their thoughts about our meeting with Frank here in this post. Enjoy!

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