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We like our website in Italian, but sometimes we feel we have to share our thoughts with the rest of the world too.
That's why we opened this area on "Beyond the Sea". Occasionally, you could find here some content of ours translated in English.
Hope you enjoy the effort, philes!

"Beyond the Sea" is ten!

Beyond the Sea compie 10 anni!It’s quite incredible but this month our website is going to celebrate ten years of life online.

Many things changed since 2001, but the first idea, to create an Italian episode guide to The X-Files (that was still on air!) remains the heart of “Beyond the Sea” even today. Around that idea, then we built all the rest.

We decided to call our website “Beyond the Sea” to honor one of the best episodes ever produced on the show (we wavered between “Beyond the Sea” and “One Breath”, but in the end the first one won).

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The Break of Noon

David Duchovny in 'The Break of Noon' It was a radiant and in-pretty-great-shape David Duchovny the one we met last Tuesday in NY, at the Lucille Lortel Theatre, right after a performance of “The Break of Noon”, running till December 22nd (for infos check

Duchovny plays John Smith, the main character of Neil LaBute’s last work. He is the only survivor of a shooting who is forced to deal with this tragic event and is trying to turn around his life and that of others. John Smith is actually convinced that it was God who saved him from that massacre and that He entrusted him with a message to share with mankind. “Be good”, this is the message that Smith feels he has to spread after his experience, a revolutionary massage in its simplicity.

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Mark Snow speaks to 'Beyond the Sea'

Mark SnowMark Snow doesn’t need any introduction. For all the X-Files fans, he is just the man who wrote the extremely famous TV show theme and who emphasized all the Mulder and Scully’s stories with his music, from the Pilot to the "I Want To Believe" movie.
When you think to “Existence” finale, don’t you hear the “Scully’s Theme” in your mind? Speaking about one of the last pieces, how many of you were moved by the “Home Again” theme in the "I Want To Believe" last scene?

From the first arrangements created using a synthesizer and samples to the classic orchestras and live instruments, the pieces and the genius of this composer were an extra values for X-Files since the beginning.

X-Files, Millennium, The Lone Gunmen and Harsh Realm. All these TV shows created by Chris Carter have the voice of Mark Snow and it was just one year ago when Frank Spotnitz officially announced, at the WonderCon, that the second X-Files movie would have had the same voice again.

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