The tag for the day was ''It's here!''

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The X Files 2
Frank Spotnitz - Chris Carter - David Duchovny - Gillian Anderson

The tag for the day was "It's here!"

Showed trailer for movie. Trailer didn't show much. Overuse of quick cut scenes don't tell you very much. Only saw Amanda Peet, Billy Connolly, David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson. The trailer opens up with line of FBI/Police with dogs and long sticks searching a large "snow covered meadow". Billy Connolly is in front saying, "It's here." Repeatedly. Several quick cuts from other scenes, show other three actors, and it keeps coming back to Connolly's character moving through the meadow saying "It's here." He gets progressively louder and more strident, and finally rushes over to a spot and starts to dig. They find a girl frozen in what looks like a block of ice under the snow.

While everyone was very close-mouthed about any aspects of the new movie, Chris Carter mentioned that Amada Peet's character name was Dakota Whitney and FBI Special Agent. And Mark Snow will be doing the score.

One interesting aspect of the panel was the first row was taken up with a large group of "X Files' groupies that have been trolling for information about the film. They were wearing t-shirts that said "Frankie and Larry," which they found from the movie call sheets were the fake names for Gillian and David. Gillian noticed the shirts when she sat down, saying "How did you know that?!"

Chris Carter has some fun taking photos of the crowds from the panel table.

Gillian mentioned her "Speed of Light" project and that it was very much a work in progress and that it was a "huge burden."

Duchovny mentioned he'd love to write and direct more, like "House of D" – and was just looking for someone foolish enough to give him the money to do it.

The moderator mentioned that everyone had come straight from the set to be at WonderCon and Chris Carter himself said he was operating on 15 minutes sleep in the last 24 hours.

Everyone mentioned that they were working very hard to honor the fans with this film. They didn't seem to sense the ironic nature of the movie information being locked down tighter than any conspiracy Fox and Scully ever uncovered.

Both David and Gillian mentioned that they were surprised how hard it was to get back into character for the movie. The first 48 hours was the worst.

Ed and Chris mentioned that writing this movie was very natural. They felt the time away from the characters helped in writing this film. They mentioned that this film should not be pigeon holed into a monster of the week movie. And that they both felt freer with this movie than the last one because it had to tie into the TV show so closely. (10 years since the last movie, and six years since the last TV show.)

Both Ed and Chris are very cognizant of the looming date 2012. And its affect on the "X Files" mythology. (December 12, 2012 is the end of the work date on the Mayan Calendar, and is mentioned by one of the characters in the last episode as the date for Colonization.)

Gillian spoke about her directing debut with the TV Show, and would love to do more directing work. It was thrilling / scary and a great challenge.

Favorite episodes:

Chris Carter – Modern Prometheus, Beyond the Sea
Ed – too many favorites because they were all so different  (******** ED????? Non si chiama Frank Spotnitz? :P)
David – Black and White Episode and the Episode with Charles Nelson Reilly
Gillian – Bad Blood

There was a mention by Gillian that she saved her job in "Beyond the Sea." Chris Carter immediately discounted that.

There was a cryptic mention when asked about who else is in the film, that no characters ever truly die in "X Files."

There was some discussion about the first episode of the Lone Gun Man and how it paralleled Sept 11th. Ed (***** ancora ED??? :P) was concerned they had given the idea to the terrorists and was relieve that the plot had been in planning for years.

When asked to compare "X Files" to the current crop of crime dramas, Chris Carter and Frank Spotnitz mentioned they that they think "X Files" stands up better. They believe the "X Files" shows are better written. The battle between Fox and Dana's viewpoints were critical to the show's success. The show plots were driven by gut feelings and instincts being borne out by the science – versus the science driving the plot.

Lastly – Chris Carter mentioned that he saw the show as a search for God. And that the poster on Mulder's wall in his office "I want to believe" said everything about the show.



Condividi The tag for the day was ''It's here!''

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