"The X-Files Season 10" - The first issue

Mulder in "Believers"A bleeding woman is running away in an alley trying to escape from several shadowy figures. She tries to reach the FBI through her phone, but it seems something is wrong in the communication system. She stumbles and she falls to the ground. At this point we can see her face for the first time, as she speaks to the phone saying "My name is Dana Scully, I'm a former special agent with the FBI. I've been targeted."
The phone falls to the ground too and, as the shadowy figures come next to her we can see her frightened eyes.

If this would not be only a comic, at this point we'd see the X-Files opening titles with the famous Mark Snow musical theme.

The first comic issue of "The X-Files Season 10" begins this way, as one of the many teasers we used to see in the tv series. We are back after the opening titles, ops... , at page 4, and the picture tagline brings us into
an hospital, Virginia, some hours before the former events.

Without reveal any major spoiler, we found Mulder and Scully living - apparently a quiet life - under false identities. Skinner, now Deputy Director at the FBI, pays a visit to them. Someone hacked the FBI network
and collected data about everyone involved in the X-Files office. Mulder and Scully's life could be in danger again.

You can read "Believers - Part 1" all at once and, in a very X-Files style, at the end you're going to have more questions than answers. We left Mulder and Scully at the end of "I Want to Believe", free to take back their lives. What happened in the meanwhile? Why are they living under cover? Who's after them? What's going to happen to Scully? And so on.

The story, by Joe Harris and Chris Carter, behind this comic could be a really X-Files episode. It's captivating, there's suspense, brilliant moments and some very intense dialogues between our favorite characters. All
of this left us hungry for more. Joe Harris knows what is doing here. There are some inside jokes that make every X-Files fan feels at home. We can hear the real Mulder and Scully voices as we read this comic.

This reminds us what many former X-Files writers used to say, something among the lines "We could do X-Files forever because there would be always a story to tell". And this is the exact feeling we had at the end of this first comic issue.

On another note, this thought also raises the question: "So why don't we have XF3 yet?" It's frustrating, it's an unexplainable phenomenon and we -as philes - would really like to know the answer.

So, if the story is the very strong point of this comic, we were a little perplexed about the drawings. These events are taking place after "I Want to Believe", but we find a pair of "maybe-too-young" Mulder and Scully that remind us of those in the fourth or fifth X-Files season.

Long story short, we can't wait for the next issue of this new X-Files comic. Thumbs up to "The X-Files Season 10"!

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