Frank Spotnitz: a fan like us

Roma Fiction FestSo, here we are preparing ourselves to the next weekend events with both David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson, but the truth is… it’s very hard to focus on all of that while we’re still thinking about our meeting with Frank Spotnitz at the last Rome Fiction Fest.

A fan between other fans, that is what Frank was that day (we’re working on the transcription of our chat, so stay tuned because we want to post it here as soon as possible).

I had (and still have) no words to describe this experience so I asked for help to my friends who were there with me. You can read some of their thoughts about our meeting with Frank here in this post. Enjoy!
Sitting in a bar chitchating about 'X-Files' with Frank Spotnitz ...O_O... Incredbile, shocking, ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! Thanks, when we do it again? ;P

"..there are extraordinary men and women and extraordinary moments.."
That Monday in Rome was definitely one of those moments.. and you are an extraordinary man for sure. Thank you for everything you gave and keep giving us. And thank you for being one of us.

Frank is a fan!

“Four friends at a bar… “ and Frank Spotnitz!

Frank! What can I say about him? I have no words to describe his kindness and willingness. He was smiling to everyone, happy to see us and curious to know us as well. He’s a person who transmits calm, passion for his work and he’s very interested about the fans. Meeting him was a unique emotion. I was lucky enough to meet with Gillian, Mitch and Nick before… but Frank is really a different kind of thing. Speaking about “The X-Files” with him, for me, was like being literally in front of the show. He can answer to any question about the show, with his calm, without considering you an obsessed person. He was sitting with us at a table speaking like a friend. All of this goes beyond any award, celebrity, or red carpet… meeting with Frank meant having to deal with all the emotions I felt for ten years watching the show.

The X-Files is a show that pretty much changed my life. It's one the first tv shows that I watched, I was 7 when I started watching it. You can probably say that I grew up with it, it was the base for my love and passion about American tv shows. Mulder and Scully became iconic characters all over the world and in my life, and for the first time I felt part of a fandom.
The X-Files is one of the reasons I want to be a screenwriter, so, meeting Frank Spotntiz, one of the screenwriters I look up to the most in the world, was a life-changing experience that I will keep with me for the rest of my life.
Watching him talking about the show, and being still so involved and passionate about these stories, it was simply amazing, this shows how much effort, work and dedication were put behind The X-Files. It's pretty clear to me that Frank loves the show, loves the fans, and he's never gonna put the show behind him.
I wanna thank “Beyond the sea” for giving me the chance to be there, sitting next to a person that was responsable for the making of one of the tv shows that I love the most. I wanna thank Frank for being so available, so kind... and above all, still so involved and so in love with The X Files.

BTS al Roma Fiction Fest 2013

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