Dana Scully is 50!

Dana Scully

This is a time for “round” numbers. We just finished to celebrate “The X-Files” 20th anniversary, but here we are celebrating another round number that maybe is even more impressing.

Today, Dana Scully is 50. When I realized it, my first thought was: “Damn, I’m old”!
But this “50” seems to be different. I can’t imagine a 50-years-old Scully and I’d be very curious to know how Chris Carter or Frank Spotnitz imagine her nowadays.

Scully and I spent a lot of time together and even if lately we don’t see each other so often, when life decides to put me in front of some challenges, more or less difficult, I always ask myself the same question: “What Scully would do?” Scully, like any other character created by some writer’s mind, is there to help us when we need it. The example, and the legacy, Scully left to millions of women is very hard to describe.

Even if she is a very little and tiny woman, Scully is a badass and she takes no shit by anyone. Many of us were still studying at school in the ‘90s and, right back then, she gave us the idea that it pays to work like she did, hardly and honestly. She taught us we have to use our heart and intellect to stand out in our work and even if many times the work environment is pretty hard for women, she reminded us we need to maintain our integrity to be proud of ourselves.

Scully taught us to have faith in our beliefs and, at the same time, to be open to different ideas, because we can always learn something new. She also taught us we need to confront ourselves with other human beings if we want to grow up in moral and intellectual terms.

Scully is a very passionate character and thanks to her we learnt that maybe the secret is just that: being passionate in what we do means doing things better.

We saw her dealing with many difficult things, especially in her personal life. We always admired Scully for her strength, but even for her doubts and weakness. That weakness made her more human and believable.

We often make jokes about how Chris Carter decided to deal with Mulder and Scully relationship, but doing so, Scully remembered us that the real love, the one we all wish for, is made by many and complicated things, but the trust two people have in each other is the only thing that made everything possible.

“[...] we need to remember that there was once a very short heroine who hunted monsters and talked about Einstein, who kicked ass and questioned her faith, who went to work with a man she loved but didn't rip his shirt off over lunch, who didn't want to believe, but opened herself nonetheless to possibility” this is how Rebecca Traister described Scully in a post before “I Want to Believe” opened on theater in 2008.

This is why we can’t find a similar character in another tv series. Scully is made by so many things and I think even Chris Carter himself would not be able to create a character like this again.

Gillian Anderson said once that she felt very honored to spent so much time with Scully.
The honor was ours as well. Spending time with Scully made us wish to be like her, being proud of ourselves and being strong in our life like she was. We weren’t aware of, or maybe it didn’t occur to us, but this made us better persons.

Now we have to pass her legacy and what we learnt: loyalty, integrity and honesty. The world needs people with these moral values.

While I’m waiting to see her again on the big screen, I can imagine Scully this way, with her gun, her badge and her limitless scientific knowledge, trapped in an endless back and forth with Mulder, while she is protecting the goods from the evils and she is fighting monsters that are living in our time, being totally unaware of how much her actions influenced, back then, are influencing, now, and will influence, in the future, so many people all around the world.

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