We're talking about The X-Files since 18 years

We’re talking about The X-Files since 18 years

In my mind I wrote this post many times, while I was stuck in traffic, walking by the sea or working out at the gym. I know this post won’t be so beautiful as those I only imagined, but the beginning of all those posts was always the same, and it’ll be the same this time as well.

Beyond the sea is online since 18 years. And it’s scary.

If I could go back in time, in the exact moment when the younger version of myself decided to put online all The X-Files materials collected and saved onto many floppy disks (because, yeah, I’m that old) I’d give her an advice: “Be careful, you don’t know what you are doing… this could affect your whole life in unbelievable ways”.

Every single day since then was exactly like this. Unbelievable.

All I wanted to do was to pay an homage to The X-Files writing an episodes guide as much comprehensive as possible, in our Italian language. I was living in the 2001 and the show was finishing its first – and since then, the only - television run, but it was not a problem. My love for Mulder and Scully was still there, stronger than ever. I had so many things to share and to talk about. Today, 18 years later, it’s still the same. For every new post or page I put online, I have a couple of other ideas I write down and put in a drawer, just waiting for the real life pushing the slow motion button and allow me to realize all of them.

The magic behind Beyond the Sea is made by many sleepless nights and many early risers as well, countless hours spent studying on books or dvds, at the computer or online (it’s so easy today to translate from English, but back then all I had was a very big heavy dictionary and no Internet access), and, most of all, by a lot of patience.

Mulder and Scully taught us we could grow as human beings only if we’re open to dialogue and to exchange our ideas with others. In all these years online I learned how much challenging could be to deal with The X-Files fans.
Every single person has their personal thoughts about the show, their way to love it (or hate it) and a very personal and unique way to express their opinions. But thanks to this difference, we could meet each other and create friendships.

I have only one regret. I wish I could put together more events in which we could meet with each other in real life. It was a beyond words experience every time it happened. I carry in my heart every handshake, hug and look, all the words, the happiness and the love I was lucky to run into. I wish I could have more of all of that. I believe I will not be the person I’m today without all of this.
But life is the art of encounter, as Vinícius de Moraes said, so I hope the future will bring us many more opportunities to meet in real life, not just online.

All we’ve done, we’ve done it for love. We tried to put all our love for The X-Files in this website, for all the fans who wanted to visit our home online. We tried to do it the best way as we could, even in the most difficult moments.

I think this kind of love gave me back much more than what I was able to offer.

This website has kind of been my personal declaration of love for the show, the characters and the writers, all of whom made my life better and are always inspiring me, even today.

We’re online since 18 years (we reached the legal Italian age!!!) and I feel we still have a journey to do together. Spending our first 18 years with all of you was wonderful. We’re eager to see where our journey will bring us, and we’d like to do it with all of you.

Stay with us, the story of Beyond the Sea is far from finished.

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