X-Files- Favorite Mulderisms and Scullyisms


this is essentially a clip montage that I tried to string up thematically to get some flow to it. My original intention was to upload this for a 400 subs thing but unless I start vidding Dr Who, I don't think thats gonna happen before Dec 21, 2012, so here it be!

As I was assembling it, it kept getting longer, and longer, and LONGER to an obscene number of clips (ahahahaha- ob'scene' ha-ha ha...aaaa.... 0_0)
Too many favs, so I ended up splitting it into 2 vids- I'll upload the second part soon.
hope I'm not breaking a vidding law by uploading so much--
Sometimes I can't help myself! As a warm bath is to Scully, vidding is to me ;) (I KNOW Francy!!) And I'm slow on the uptake Yellowbee, but I love ya!

Link Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T0sVps-bRsA
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