Mulder and Scully - Just Breathe


Hey, guys. This is my 13th video. I never thougth that I'll come so far away with this.

I really love this song by Anna Nalick. "Breathe" was the second song I hear from her and while I hearing it I was thinking "It could be a good video". I don't know if I made a good video... but I think it's cool.

This video has a kind of s AU story...

Scully betray Mulder with Ed Jersey and MSR is uncover by FBI and she break with Mulder that goes to work in a military base while Scully keep going on FBI. They aren't together anymore and miss each other.

Years after Mulder call Scully and she won't talk a lot with him. They remember all the pain that they felt when they split up. At that time she broke with Ed Jersey too and Mulder almost killed himself. But Mulder remember what he read at Scully's diary and he resolve to go to Scully's house and try once be with her... and make realize that they love each other.

What will happen? You have to watch but It's not so difficult to bet how the end is. \o/

I hope this one not be blocked in so many places like "Broken Strings".

The X Files as this song don't belong to me. I don't have any intention to break any law. I made videos only for fun and not to gain money with it. You don't understand yet? I'm TXF fan!

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