Chris Carter on ‘X-Files’: ‘It was more like a test than a TV series’


“The X-Files,” the landmark science fiction television series created by Chris Carter, was built on elaborate conspiracies and a healthy dose of paranoia. The show premiered 20 years ago this year, but in many ways it still seems contemporary — and relevant.

Speaking at the fourth annual Hero Complex Film Festival, Carter said he’s somewhat surprised to find that the show has a kind of resonance in the present era, but he feels that it did come along at the right historical moment.

“It was of its time, it seemed to be right for its time, it sort of capitalized on its time,” he said. “You probably could make the show today, but I don’t know why, it feels like it was made exactly when it should have been made.”

Watch the video above to hear more from Carter about his thoughts on “The X-Files,” including his sentiment that making the show sometimes felt “more like a test than a TV series.”

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