The X-Files The Relationship


The emotion that is withheld is always the most precious. The desire that is sublimated is always the most exquisite... There's so much sublimated in Mulder and Scully's relationship, it's almost part of an unexplained phenomenon. The onscreen chemistry between Mulder and Scully teases and enthralls X-Files fans. Their pairing is not just sexually, but romantically, electric. Questioning the truth of their relationship and existence is as much what drives The X-Files as the existence of abducting aliens.

THE CONCEPT: This thrilling montage heralds the ten best "X-Files" for what their reveal of the elusive Mulder/Scully relationship, celebrating the worldwide release of THE X-FILES: I WANT TO BELIEVE on Blu-Ray & DVD and Fox's top selling Home Entertainment franchise.

"Best Days" is written and performed by Graham Colton.

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