The X-Files - Back to life (video tribute to Kim Manners)


This video is based on an idea by my friend Annalisa, who once told me: "hey, why not make a video about Kim?" And I said, "but it's great."
I wanted to do it, even if it was a very hard job, because I liked the idea of making a video tribute to this great director.
Kim is one of my favorite directors in X-Files and so its episodes: Milagro, Requiem, Closure ...
Shipper-man, that's how I call him =)
As Kim said in one of his comments ..."we're a big family"! I was 10 when I started watching The X-Files with my mum .. and still it remains my favorite series .. watching and reading the various interviews of Gillian, David, Chris and Frank and seeing the passion they share in their work , they make you feel part of their great and beautiful family
I'm just a simple fan .. = P
So ... Thanks Kim!! For everything you have done for us and for The X-Files.

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