The story of Mulder and Scully


This is a remasterization of my video Partners, but in extended version where I decided to include the transition of the partnership into romance till the very end. So it's basically the whole story of the relationship with bits of mithology. I know this is a long video, I tried to blend it in a story telling kind of way and it's mostly over SPOV as the show itself is told. It also contains major spoilers, so I guess it's mostly for those that have already seen the show. I wish I could include all my favorite moments, but sighs... I still had to cut some. This is just a little tribute from an old fan. And I finalize by saying that Mulder and Scully had a long way searching for the truth about the aliens, only to realize that there must be other truths yet to be found:
Facing a deadline for the colonisation set for 2012, broken and paralized, " what is left to believe in?" but they can't give up. MAybe there is HOPE. Hope that all their sacrifices were worth and hope that what all they want to believe can save them from the forces that are planning the destruction of the human race. If Scullly wants to believe in her faith or her science and Mulder in a spiritual world or something "greater than us" or even Scully herself, it's their desire not to give up that will keep them fighting together. The show ends with the premise human beings will never give believing in what they hope for. That's how Mulder and Scully found themselves in love with each other, based on their trust, respect and desire to accept and understand their diferent beliefs, they found strengh to overcome their differences and fight their a bond that the darkness can't, let it try.

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