The Best of The X-Files


THE X-FILES is the most complex and controversial a phenomenon the medium of television has produced in many years. Its intelligent design far exceeds a terrific display of style. It uses all the tricks of storytelling and filmmaking to form a modern and accessible product, duly re-interpreting various fiends of literature and legend into a new, fashionable shape. "Exposure is addiction."

The Concept: Celebrating the worldwide theatrical release of THE X-FILES: I WANT TO BELIEVE, this out of this world promotion approaches THE X-FILES for what it is - a unique, original, compelling series. The series is absolutely known for its credible images, so this is the focus.

An original remix of 'Carmina Burana' carries a montage of epic proportions featuring many of THE X-FILES' most disturbing and viscerally-satisfying moments, confirming THE X-FILES' status as the most visually striking series on television and offering immediate appeal for new viewers and fans of THE X-FILES alike.

*As Featured on YouTube in July 2008.

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