The X-Files Revival: Glimmer of hope for special agents Mulder and Scully

MULDER and Scully might have split, but the cult sci-fi characters are “desperate” to find a reason to get back together when they return to the small screen next year.

Speaking ahead of the hyped television revival of the 1990s cult hit The X-Files, creator Chris Carter described the new relationship between his famed special agents as “rocky”, but offered a glimmer of hope for a reunion.

Carter also revealed the six-part reboot series will tackle issues of terrorism in one episode, as well as returning to its base plot of government conspiracy.

The series, which originally aired from 1993 to 2002, relied heavily on the sexual tension-fuelled platonic relationship between the two main characters who eventually became a couple by the end of the series.

It was revealed during filming that when the couple return to the small screen 13 years later they have split, but now Carter has offered new hope to fans saying the pair was searching for a reason to reunite.

“I think if you were to really put both of them under a microscope, they are desperate to find a reason to get back together and I think that comes through loud and clear in the first episode and in the subsequent episodes,” Carter said.

Carter said their now “rocky” relationship was a product of growing apart over time.

“The relationship as it stands now is rocky, and that is the result of I think the passage of time,” Carter said yesterday.

“Changing attitudes, changing personal feelings about what is important in life.”

He said the pair was “drawn back together” in a new quest.

Carter said the characters, who play off each other as a believer and a sceptic, are as relevant today as they’d ever been.

“In a modern context there are now new questions to answer. When we went off the air in 2002, the world was a much different place than it is in 2016 when the show will air,” he said.



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