X-Files creator Chris Carter to visit Vancouver for gallery meet and greet

The truth is out there. And next week, the man behind that famous TV slogan will be out here.

Chris Carter, the creator of the X-Files, will be in Vancouver later this month for a special meet and greet event at downtown Vancouver’s Back Gallery Project.

Carter’s visit will coincide with the closing of Back Gallery’s latest X-Files exhibition, titled “The Making of The X-Files“.

The exhibition boasts a unique piece of memorabilia from the popular Fox drama: FBI agent Fox Mulder’s entire basement office, complete with his folder-covered desk, his “I Want To Believe” poster, his moon landing photo, his filing cabinet stuffed with paranormal cases, and even the green high chair where Dana Scully sat, because the show never really deemed it necessary to give her a proper desk of her own.

The exhibition opened in early May, thanks in large part to Carter’s generosity, as well as his connection to the gallery, which is owned and operated by Vancouver’s Monica Reyes.

If that name sounds familiar, it’s because Carter, who met Reyes during X-Files’ initial, Vancouver-filmed run, would go on to name a character after her in the X-Files’ later seasons. Agent Monica Reyes effectively replaced Agent Dana Scully in show’s ninth season, and has made small appearances on the program in both seasons of the revival series.

Carter has donated several pieces of memorabilia to the Back Gallery Project. In 2016, he personally gave Reyes several items, which turned into an exhibition titled The X-Files: The Truth is Here (The Making of Season 10). It featured storyboards, scripts, spaceship blueprints, and other paraphernalia from the six-episode revival series.

And now Carter will loan Reyes another important piece from the series: himself. The screenwriter will stop by the Back Gallery Project on Saturday, June 30.

For those interested in meeting the screenwriter, an RSVP is required for this event and registration is encouraged. More information is available at the gallery’s website.

“The Making of the X-Files” is open to the public from Wednesday- Saturday from 1-5pm

FONTE: Vancouver Sun (CAN)


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