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Morgan and Wong Return to The X-Files

In January 1995, Glen Morgan and James Wong, excited about the new show they were going to create for Fox, called Space: Above and Beyond, bid farewell to The X-Files. Although their contract called for them to return to the X-Files if Space was not picked up or was cancelled, they anticipated never returning to the show that had brought them a certain amount of fame, thanks to pivotal episodes like “Squeeze,” “Beyond the Sea,” “E.B.E.,” “Little Green Men,” and “One Breath,” and the creation of many characters – in ... [Continua a leggere]

Fox network party

HOLLYWOOD — For a moment, Gillian Anderson seems stunned. She has had two hours’ sleep. She has walked into the Hollywood dance zoo known as The Derby, a glorified jungle pit tucked away off Los Feliz Boulevard, to say hi to her good friend and mentor Chris Carter. Carter is sitting, Buddha-like, in a red armchair, patiently answering the questions of legions of reporters who have descended like flies at a barbeque. Anderson slips through the crowd, for one oh-so-brief moment virtually unnoticed by the hundreds of sweaty, noisy, anxious TV critics, TV fans, TV actors ... [Continua a leggere]

X-Files Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny

US Magazine

Now that 'The X-Files' has become a full-fledged hit, can co-stars David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson survive a salary dispute, tabloid headlines and each other?

It's a Golden Globe. Not a weighty one, like the statues for best drama, best actress and best actor hauled in during this year's X-Files takeover, but a gold-plated key-chain reproduction that comes gift-wrapped in a Tiffany's box and is purchased by idly rich knickknack buffs or Fox executives flush with the show's success and hellbent on sustaining a little momentum. The trinket rests in its container, which sits in David Duchovny's tidy Airstream trailer on the X-Files set. Duchovny surveys the tchotchke for a moment and then reads the accompanying card. "Dear David," he says. "We're prou ... [Continua a leggere]

The 25 Most Influential People in America, 1997

Chris Carter, Creator, The X-Files

To every generation, there is a televisionary. First, Rod Serling enfolded a still innocent America in The Twilight Zone; then Gene Roddenberry launched the country, disguised as the multicultural Enterprise, on a voyage in Star Trek; David Lynch led audiences away from cosmopolis and back to the suddenly unfamiliar heartland of Twin Peaks. Today’s seer is Chris Carter, 39, creator of The X-Files, a show that takes America’s obsession with the occult and coverups, with truths impossible to ignore but too terrible to be told, and transforms that paranoia into a compe ... [Continua a leggere]

Never say never again

In The X-Files, things are hardly ever what they seem. Unfortunately, right now, things at the show itself are precisely as they seem, as the triple Golden Globe winning show suffers from what writer/producer Vince Gilligan would describe as ‘unruhe’ – trouble; strife; unrest. Hugh Davies reports on recent troubles at Ten-Thirteen, home of The X-Files and Millennium.

Signs on The X-Files first showed signs of going south during the preparations of the fourth season when creator and executive producer Chris Carter began to devote most of his time to launching his new show, Millennium. Eager to shake off his one-hit-wonder potential (the ghost of Gene Roddenberry looming large in his eyes), Carter virtually handed The X-Files over to first season veteran Howard Gordon, despite the fact that the show had already lost Emmy award-winning cinematographer John S. Bartley, visual effects supervisor Mat Beck and writer Darin Morgan at the end of se ... [Continua a leggere]

Mulder e Scully sotto inchiesta

Nelle prime due serie hanno indagato su fenomeni di ordinaria “paranormalità”; nella terza hanno cercato di scoprire chi tramava alle loro spalle. Adesso i due agenti dell’Fbi dovranno cercare la verità nei frammenti del loro passato.

Villaggi di provincia dediti a omicidi di massa, alieni assassini ma, all’occorrenza, anche provvidenziali guaritori, organismi vermiformi che si annidano nel cervello, vittime ritrovate senza pigmentazione cutanea. Torna “X-files” e porta con sé il solito, inesauribile corredo di incubi e di storie ai confini della realtà. Mentre negli Stati Uniti spopola la quinta serie del “fanta-cult” e crea scandalo “Millenium”, la nuova e se possibile ancora più spaventosa serie creata da Chris Carter, dal 3 aprile su Italia 1 va in onda il q ... [Continua a leggere]

Dana e Mulder: X-files, amore e fantasia…

Gli incontri ravvicinati che vedremo nei nuovi episodi di “X-files”, trasmessi da Italia 1, non avverranno fra alieni di mondi lontano, ma saranno di tipo assolutamente “terrestre”, anzi addirittura romantici…

Romantico è il meraviglioso bacio che, a sorpresa, i due attori protagonisti della serie, David Duchovny e Gillian Anderson, nella finzione agenti speciali Fox Mulder e Dana Scully, si scambiano per la gioia o per il disappunto (a seconda dei punti di vista) dei fan della serie. Le vicende raccontate nelle nuove puntate sono come sempre ai confini della realtà, degne dell’immaginario di Stephen King, ma l’amore che Mulder manifesta per la collega Dana è reale, concreto. X-files e la love-story di Dana e Fox Fra api che uccidono e strani esseri umani con la co ... [Continua a leggere]

Chris Carter As The Beast Within

Rolling Stone ISSUE 754

Rolling Stone: How would you feel watching the show if it hadn’t turned those corners and you had backed away from it? Chris Carter: I would be sad. But I mean I’m sad that in syndication they’re going to edit out one-and-a-half to 2 minutes of each episode. It’s a shame. I mean, we’ve worked hard to pack in as much as we can, and everything needs to be there in those 43-odd minutes. To get two minutes out of a picture that’s just right — that’s a lot. RS: Is “Surfing” [magazine] where you developed your taste for bookin ... [Continua a leggere]

The Virtue of Paranoia

Rolling Stone ISSUE 754

You’d think that people who spend their time dreaming up conspiracies would have beards and wave their hands a lot when they talk. Chris Carter is placid, handsome, clean-shaven. He pauses to find the right words — the breaks can sometimes last a few seconds — and when he talks again, the words are the correct ones. It’s as though he’s rewriting as he speaks, running a kind of mental thesaurus program. “Right now I’m reading about these things called peak experiences or peak moments,” he says, speaking of future X-Files plots. &ldquo ... [Continua a leggere]

X-files riapre i vecchi casi

Gli agenti Scully e Mulder tornano con le repliche: in aprile i nuovi episodi

MILANO – Riaperti i vecchi casi di “X-files”. In attesa delle nuove puntate in onda dal 6 aprile, Italia 1 trasmette da stasera le repliche dei migliori episodi della seconda e terza serie (oggi “Lo scambio”, già visto il 22 ottobre 1995). Il fanta-telefilm, che in Italia è seguito da quasi cinque milioni di telespettatori in media, ha generato una vera e propria mania con le sue vicende incentrate su extraterrestri e fenomeni paranormali. E i protagonisti Gillian Anderson (l’agente Fbi Dana Scully) e David Duchovny (l’agente Fox Mulder) ... [Continua a leggere]

Truth is in theatres

The X-Files gang plan their first movie for 1998

Being kept in the dark between seasons is nothing new to viewers of The X-Files. But next year, they’ll have to move their curiosity into darkened movie theatres. A cliffhanger set up by the final episode of the 1997-98 season will continue in the first X-Files feature film, to be released a month or so later, says Chris Carter, creator and executive-producer of the sublime scare series. He’s hesitant to talk much about the summer ’98 movie, lest he give away plot turns in the TV episodes to air between now and then. Carter’s shows are both blessed and d ... [Continua a leggere]

Mark Snow The X-Factor

Mark Snow's status as one of today's most innovative and successful film and television composers is only the latest element of a far-reaching and eclectic career in music. While Snow is perhaps best known for his theme and scores for The X-Files and Millennium, this Juilliard-trained musician's career has encompassed lush orchestral scoring, album production, classical performance, and five years as a co-founder of the legendary New York Rock N' Roll Ensemble (a band he formed in the late '60s with Juilliard roommate Michael Kamen, himself a much in-demand producer, studio musician, c ... [Continua a leggere]

People Online’s first conference with “The X-Files” creator Chris Carter

PEOPLE: Hi Chris! Our first question is from New Jersey… Chris? Just type! We can see yr response. Geoff Gould: The Jersey Devil is a completely different entity (feel free to e-mail me and I can send you its complete legend). Also, regarding the “Newark Fluke” episode: there is *no* “Newark County” or “North Orange.” We have Essex County (in which there is the city of Newark) and Orange and the East and West Oranges. Everything but North Orange. Apart from those inaccurate episodes: I love the show and in the TVZONE I scribe its episode ... [Continua a leggere]

Gli S-files

Gli X-Files. Quando fanno vedere computer sarebbe meglio chiamarli gli S-Files, dove la S può avere qualsiasi significato che vogliamo. Io gli X-Files li guardo sempre. Ora, non mi interessa che esistano veramente organizzazioni governative segrete che nascondono la verità sugli UFO. A ben guardare, non voglio neanche sapere se la verità è la fuori oppure se l'ho messa per sbaglio dentro il micro-onde. Semplicemente, adoro aderire con ogni centimetro della schiena ad una comoda poltrona e abbandonarmi alle suggestive teorie cospiratorie degli X-Files.Mi diverto come ... [Continua a leggere]



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