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Interview: William B. Davis

Known to many as Cigarette Smoking Man from hit TV series The X-Files, William B. Davis has had a long career in theater, film, and television, both in front of and behind the camera. Recently we had a chance to talk to William about his long career, his iconic character in The X-Files and his thoughts on the existence of aliens. So were you always interested in acting, was it a conscious choice, or was it more of a happy accident? William: I started acting when I was quite young, ten or eleven, I was doing some stage work and radio work. When I went to University I was still thinking o ... [Continua a leggere]

The X-Files Premiere: Why [Spoiler] Isn't Dead, and Has Scully 'Seen Too Much?'

Spoiler alert! Do not read further if you haven't watched the season premiere of The X-Files.

The first episode of The X-Files' reboot ended with a familiar sentiment—and a familiar face. "We have a small problem: They've reopened the X-Files," the Cigarette-Smoking Man (William B. Davis) tells an associate. And though the X-Files were reopened (and shut back down) multiple times during the franchise's 22-plus years, when viewers last saw the Smoking Man he was very much presumed dead. After multiple fake deaths, CSM's hideaway was bombed in the 2002 series finale—not only was he engulfed in flames, but his skin was shown burning off his face until his skull was exposed. ... [Continua a leggere]

X-Files characters could come back from ‘dead’

Local actors made their marks in five B.C.-filmed seasons

A steady throng of Vancouver actors turned up as guest stars during five B.C.-filmed seasons of The X-Files. The more memorable among them were brought back as recurring characters. Not even onscreen deaths will keep some of those recurring characters from showing up again in the upcoming six-episode X-Files reboot. “As we say on The X-Files, even when you’re dead you’re not dead,” Carter said. “I can tell you that there’s a distinct possibility that you will be seeing many of the regulars that you came to know, whom we cast in Vancouver.” Carter li ... [Continua a leggere]

UPDATED: Glen Morgan, James Wong & Darin Morgan Sign On For Fox’s ‘X-Files’ Revival

As the month of June draws ever closer, Fox’s X-Files revival is starting to take shape. Original series writers James Wong (American Horror Story), Glen Morgan (BBC America’s Intruders) and Darin Morgan (Those Who Kill) have signed deals with the studio and will help script the six episode limited series revival, TVWise has confirmed. Glen Morgan and James Wong are also set to direct one episode apiece, while Glen Morgan will also serve as an executive producer. The trio have been more-or-less on-board for The X-Files revival for some time, with Chris Carter revealing in a inter ... [Continua a leggere]

Chris Carter tells the truth about The X-Files’ return

Series creator talks about Vancouver and B.C.’s role in making the show a hit

The truth is simple: Chris Carter loves Vancouver. The creator of hit sci-fi show The X-Files is coming back to the B.C. coast this week to be the guest speaker at a Vancouver International Film Festival Industry panel being held on National Canadian Film Day on April 29. Carter has been invited to discuss The X-Files’ deep connection to the TV and film industry in B.C. since its creation in 1993. Carter arguably opened the province’s doors to American television and film artists when he decided to shoot The X-Files in Vancouver and B.C. for its first five seasons, before taking ... [Continua a leggere]

‘The X-Files’ Revival: Robert Patrick, Annabeth Gish & Mitch Pileggi Eyed To Return

EXCLUSIVE: Now that the official greenlight from Fox has arrived – after extremely lengthy talks between Chris Carter, the network and 20th Century Fox Television – the rest of the pieces of the puzzle that is The X-Files revival are starting to fall into place. With David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson confirmed to be returning to their iconic roles, the inevitable question of whether or not any further cast members will reprise their roles is lingering. TVWise can reveal that three key X-Files alums are presently being eyed to reprise their roles in the six episode event series. ... [Continua a leggere]

TAEM interview with actor William B. Davis

TAEM- The Arts and Entertainment Magazine is highly honored to be able to present actor William B. Davis to all of our readers. William has had a long and outstanding career in television, theater and film, and is best known as ‘The Cigarette Man’ in the popular television series, ‘X-Files’.

TAEM- William, your latest endeavor involves the memoirs that you have written. Please tell us about the book, it’s publisher, and where our readership can find it. WBD-The book is called ‘Where There’s Smoke …. The Musings of a Cigarette Smoking Man’, and frankly, it’s the story of my life. It’s a pretty unusual life which I tell with candor and humor – from radio drama in the early fifties to The X-Files. I have been delighted with the response to the book. People will have different interests – whether it’s the history or ... [Continua a leggere]

“X-files”, passo e chiudo

Un episodio diretto dal protagonista maschile, l’apparizione di Frank Black, inquietanti ombre aliene… Sono le ultime trovate di una serie avviata alla conclusione. E gli interpreti? Si dedicheranno al cinema.

Allora, dove eravamo rimasti? L’ultimo episodio del telefilm “X-files” è andato in onda suppergiù un anno fa e appartiene alla sesta serie. Nel frattempo era anche uscita la versione cinematografica, che dilatava e rilanciava la sottotrama del serial: il rapimento alieno della sorellina di Mulder, l’ombra paterna del misterioso “Uomo che Fuma”, il doppio gioco dell’Fbi. Dal 5 marzo, tutte le domeniche, Italia 1 riprende ora a trasmettere “X-files” al ritmo di due episodi per sera. La sesta serie verrà esaurita e proseg ... [Continua a leggere]

Smoke and Mirrors

The reedy voice on the telephone, until now cheerful and friendly, suddenly cackles with familiar menace. “Kill me off for a few weeks?” it asks petulantly, referring to the events in “Redux II.” “Then I’m going to get revenge.” William B. Davis seems to enjoy playing off of his devious television persona. During interviews he frequently speaks in first person to describe the Cigarette Smoking Man’s machination, and his tone often drops conspiratorially when offering caustic asides about The Project. While it’s all done in go ... [Continua a leggere]

X-Files Movie Premiere - Interview Transcripts

It's Chris Carter! You've been called the Pope of the Underground. The Pope? Yeah, people depend on you... We work very hard on the show. Whatever success we've achieved is due to the hard work everyone does. One of our users, Gina Galina from Chicago, wants to know why you changed the poster in Mulder's office? There was a little copyright-infringement problem with the original spaceship on that first poster. Why doesn't anybody have sex in the series? It's a TV show. You can't have sex on TV shows. Can you share any secrets of the movie tonight for people who can't see it till next we ... [Continua a leggere]

E! Online Chat with William B. Davis

From dirt_girl: Do you feel your character and Darth Vader are kindred spirits? I hate that question. I'll tell you why I hate that question: Just as there are people who have never seen The X-Files, there are people who have never seen Star Wars! From june: Will they ever reveal your connection to Mulder? My guess is you are related in some way. I don't know whether we will ever know if we are genetically connected, we are emotionally connected. Whether or not we will find out about the biological question, I don't know. From echo2: What do you like most about your CSM role? Hey, it's a ... [Continua a leggere]

TV Guide Interview William B.Davis

TV Guide: So the movie opens with the bombing of a Dallas office building. And then?William B. Davis: [There's a long silence] You're trying to get me to tell you how the movie opens.TVG: But that's in the production notes. It says that Scully and Mulder are investigating a bombed building.WBD: Ah, but you said the movie opens with that.TVG: OK. What do the aliens look like?WBD: I can't tell you that.TVG: What is the government covering up anyway?WBD: I can't tell you that.TVG: In the movie, apparently, David Duchovny has a Chippendale's moment with a hospital gown. Do you fla ... [Continua a leggere]

Saranno SeX-files?

Approda in Tv la quarta, inedita serie e cresce l’attesa per una love-story tra i due protagonisti. Tra demoni e api assassine, i due agenti del paranormale avvicinano labbra e cuori, ma rimandano al prossimo futuro il divampare della passione: l’occasione migliore (e forse l’ultima) nel segretissimo film in lavorazione.

L’ama o non l’ama? È da quattro serie che gli spettatori del telefilm “X-files” aspettano un gesto, almeno una parola che scopra il fuoco che arde sotto la cenere. L’agente Mulder, finora, si sempre negato: modi decisi, sguardo di ghiaccio, certe volte strapazza un po’ troppo la collega Scully, consapevole di non credere mai fino in fondo ai risvolti paranormali dei loro casi. A tratti i loro sguardi si incrociano, sembrano andare al di là dell’investigazione; ma sono solo attimi, prevale sempre la routine dell’indagine. Chris Cart ... [Continua a leggere]

Fox network party

HOLLYWOOD — For a moment, Gillian Anderson seems stunned. She has had two hours’ sleep. She has walked into the Hollywood dance zoo known as The Derby, a glorified jungle pit tucked away off Los Feliz Boulevard, to say hi to her good friend and mentor Chris Carter. Carter is sitting, Buddha-like, in a red armchair, patiently answering the questions of legions of reporters who have descended like flies at a barbeque. Anderson slips through the crowd, for one oh-so-brief moment virtually unnoticed by the hundreds of sweaty, noisy, anxious TV critics, TV fans, TV actors ... [Continua a leggere]

Dana e Mulder: X-files, amore e fantasia…

Gli incontri ravvicinati che vedremo nei nuovi episodi di “X-files”, trasmessi da Italia 1, non avverranno fra alieni di mondi lontano, ma saranno di tipo assolutamente “terrestre”, anzi addirittura romantici…

Romantico è il meraviglioso bacio che, a sorpresa, i due attori protagonisti della serie, David Duchovny e Gillian Anderson, nella finzione agenti speciali Fox Mulder e Dana Scully, si scambiano per la gioia o per il disappunto (a seconda dei punti di vista) dei fan della serie. Le vicende raccontate nelle nuove puntate sono come sempre ai confini della realtà, degne dell’immaginario di Stephen King, ma l’amore che Mulder manifesta per la collega Dana è reale, concreto. X-files e la love-story di Dana e Fox Fra api che uccidono e strani esseri umani con la co ... [Continua a leggere]



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