TV Guide Interview William B.Davis

TV Guide: So the movie opens with the bombing of a Dallas office building. And then?

William B. Davis: [There's a long silence] You're trying to get me to tell you how the movie opens.

TVG: But that's in the production notes. It says that Scully and Mulder are investigating a bombed building.

WBD: Ah, but you said the movie opens with that.

TVG: OK. What do the aliens look like?

WBD: I can't tell you that.

TVG: What is the government covering up anyway?

WBD: I can't tell you that.

TVG: In the movie, apparently, David Duchovny has a Chippendale's moment with a hospital gown. Do you flash the audience, too?

WBD: [sadly] Alas, no.

TVG: Duchovny has also bragged that he gets to swear. And you?

WBD: Now you've hit a sore point. A couple of years ago, I had a line in an episode, which was, "Do you have the damn tape?" Now this character would not say damn. He would say, #$%&*@! But they told me, "This is television -- you can't say that. But we'll let you [curse] in the movie." Then during one of the final scenes of the movie, there was an appropriate time for me to say #$%&*@! But I [was] told, "No, you can't. In a PG-13 movie you can only say that word so many times, and we've already used up our quota." [He sighs beleagueredly]

TVG: How many packs of cigarettes did you go through?

WBD: It wasn't as bad as some of the episodes. A number of the scenes in the movie were shot in situations where the character couldn't be smoking. Like, I'd be wearing a Haz-Mat suit, which is a biological protective suit, which you wear when you're exposed to something infectious.

TVG: Early this season it looked like your character had been killed off by a grim pack of aging suits called the Elders. Did you always know it was just a ruse?

WBD: I always knew I was coming back. Right from the beginning they said, "You're dead, but you're not."

TVG: You didn't even have one moment of panic?

WBD: I knew I couldn't be dead -- I was in the movie.

TVG: Do we find out where Mulder's sister, Samantha, has been keeping herself?

WBD: Let's speculate: Maybe she has a life somewhere, maybe has children of her own. My impression of her is, "Is that really Samantha? Or a clone? Or a hybrid?" [Laughs] Have you noticed lately that it seems that CSM has fathered everybody on the show?

TVG: He's a real love machine. Any sign of him taking up with Scully?

WBD: [laughs] I don't see much sign of it. We haven't had a scene together in five years, never mind a love scene. Actually, if Scully were having her worst nightmare, it might be that she were having sex with Cancer Man.

TVG: You've done a lot of Shakespeare. Which of the Bard's masterpieces would you compare the movie to?

WBD: Maybe The Tempest.

TVG: How so?

WBD: [Laughs] You're just going to have to read the play.

TVG: Why?

WBD: Because I'm not going to tell you that.

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