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Chi sopravviverà alla tv cadavere?

LA MIGLIORE tivù del 1995? Bella domanda. E' una faccenda che somiglia molto a questa storia del ' governo dei migliori' . I migliori? Avercelo normale, un governo, già sarebbe tanto. Come sarebbe assai consolante che normale fosse la nostra televisione. O almeno in vita. Perché ormai da un pezzo (due, tre, quattro anni. O cinque?) questa montagna di tivù generalista si è arenata come il cadavere di una balena. Se ne sta là. Immobile, ingombrante e putrescente: niente passa più (non un politico, né un' opinione, né una lacrima) se ... [Continua a leggere]

Q & A: Online and on record with ‘X-Files’ mastermind

Every week, about 16 million viewers in the United States – and millions more around the world – sit down to watch a couple of FBI agents named Mulder and Scully investigate strange phenomena. As “The X-files” has grown from cult hit to mainstream success, creator Chris Carter has found himself increasingly second-guessed by the show’s fans, possibly because the show raises more questions than it answers. During a recent break in production, Carter talked by phone from his office in Vancouver, British Columbia, where the show is produced. Q: How clo ... [Continua a leggere]

'Non facciamo horror ma mettiamo paura'

LOS ANGELES - Iniziata due anni fa come un esperimento di metafisica applicata al "prime time" televisivo, la serie The X-Files ha conquistato il pubblico americano al di là di ogni aspettativa. Gli X-Files del titolo si riferiscono ai casi dell' Fbi archiviati come irrisolvibili o inspiegabili. I protagonisti della serie, David Duchovny nei panni dell' agente Fox Mulder e Gillian Anderson in quelli della collega Dana Scully, recitano come affetti da sonnambulismo tentando di risolvere il paranormale e sconfiggere i "mostri della ragione". Finora non c' è mai stato un "happy endi ... [Continua a leggere]

X-Files, il mistero alla conquista della tv

MILANO - Era nell' aria, molti lo suggerivano, qualcuno ne era convinto. Ma ci è voluta l' autorità letteraria del "giallista" Andrea Pinketts per consacrare la tesi: ' X-Files' , il serial della domenica sera (Italia 1, 20.30) che dopo lo strepitoso successo americano sta stregando il pubblico italiano, si profila come l' erede di ' Twin Peaks' . Le differenze sono tante, prima fra tutte la strategia di lancio: martellante, sensazionalistica, terribilmente esplicita la prima; più lenta, insinuante, misteriosa la seconda, e quindi dotata di una dose infinitamente maggiore ... [Continua a leggere]

Ai confini della realtà virtuale

E' DAVVERO roba da non crederci. Nel senso che è il telefilm il vero alieno in questa tragica realtà della televisione. ' X-Files' è degno (anzi, spesso è assai meglio) di tanti film americani di buona confezione, per i quali siamo disposti a pagare il biglietto di prima visione. Invece i nostri beniamini, gli agenti Mulder e Scully appaiono sul video, sorprendentemente, ogni domenica, ridando due ore di scossa energetica alla nostra tivù comatosa. Come è potuto accadere? Il Pentagono cataloga come ' X-Files' le vicende inspiegabili: siamo di fronte ad ... [Continua a leggere]


David Duchovny is not happy. He stands behind Gillian Anderson in a barebones photo studio, resigned to having roll after roll of pictures taken on what promises to be another 16-hour day. Now that The X-Files has been crowned with a Golden Globe for best drama and is emerging from cult status to become a mainstream hit, the world is descending upon Vancouver, British Columbia, where the Fox series is shot and in all the X-citement, everyone wants a piece of the costars. Anderson, sensing Duchovny's mood, looks down at his hand on her left shoulder and tries to brush it away, as if it were a ... [Continua a leggere]

People Online

For many X-Files fans, a first taste of this strange, compelling show has led to addiction. Always scary, often creepy and sometimes just plain mysterious, The X-Files has grown since its 1993 debut from a cult favorite into a mainstream phenomenon. The series was Fox’s top-rated program the week of its Sept. 22 premiere, kicking off a third season with its largest audience yet (30 million). Like Star Trek, X-Files has spawned novels, comic books, T-shirts (emblazoned with the show’s motto, The Truth Is Out There), coffee mugs, conventions and Internet bulletin boar ... [Continua a leggere]

Ai confini della realtà

NEGLI STATI UNITI, dove è pronta la terza serie, sono diventati un programma cult, vantano audience da record e hanno già gruppi di ascolto e fan club, un po' come era successo per Twin Peaks. Da noi il primo numero di una rivista interamente dedicata al fenomeno, e battezzata come il telefilm, esce in edicola oggi, contemporaneamente al varo della seconda serie di episodi televisivi. E non è tutto: X Files, visto il successo, viene promosso dalla programmazione a tarda ora su Canale 5 alla prima serata di Italia 1. Stasera, alle 20.40, va in onda infatti la prima di venti ... [Continua a leggere]

Online conference with Chris Carter

HOST: Good evening everyone! I’m Patrizia DiLucchio, your host, and on behalf of People Magazine I’d like to welcome you all here. “The X-Files”, now into its third season has gone from a cult hit for folks in the know to a genuine mainstream phenomenon. Not since Rod Serling has the genuinely macabre drawn such an audience. As the creator, producer and sometimes writer/director of “The X-Files”, Chris Carter deserves the lion’s share of the credit. Welcome Chris! Just type “hi” to reassure me that yr keyboard is working&helli ... [Continua a leggere]

Making Humbug

Behind the scenes of the show’s popular “comedy of horrors.” We’ve seen some pretty way-out things on The X-Files in the past two years. Morphing aliens, exploding facial boils, possessed kids, and lots and lots of glowing green bugs hungry to drain our body fluids… everything is grist for the gloomy X-Files mill. But nothing could have been a more extreme possibility than what arrived on our TV sets on March 31, 1995: a funny episode of The X-Files. Funny? The X-Files? Well, why not? Comedy attempts to manage pain and chaos, and from the pilot on, ... [Continua a leggere]

Family Ties

The show’s basic premise turns on a family tragedy, tracing Mulder and Scully’s backstory.

I once had the opportunity to ask what Glen Morgan thought about Chris Carter killing off Melissa Scully, because personally, that REALLY pissed me off! He told me that most networks have what’s called “character payments”. If a character that a writer created returns in another episode, they get a couple hundred bucks. This doesn’t happen on FOX, so there goes any cash for the Lone Gunmen, Skinner, Tooms, Scully’s Ma…etc. “If we did get character payments, I would have been more bummed that they killed Melissa. Now I just feel bad for M ... [Continua a leggere]

The writing and producing team of Glen Morgan and James Wong on helping define Carter’s vision

The writing and producing team of Glen Morgan and James Wong spent a year and a half on The X-Files before departing to create their own show for Fox (the upcoming Space: Above and Beyond), but during their time on staff they gave birth to some of the X-Files’ most memorable moments and characters. The Lone Gunmen, Tooms, Luther Lee Boggs, Skinner and William, Margaret and Melissa Scully are all Morgan and Wong creations. Their episodes also helped to define The X-Files as not just about UFOs and aliens, and they expanded the characters by developing their backstories and ... [Continua a leggere]


For Glen Morgan and James Wong, the truth isn’t out there. It’s in their word processors.

They lurk in the shadows, out of sight, silently watching to see if they can scare you, shock you and send you to bed with disturbing dreams. Could it be a case for those pursuers of the paranormal, The X-Files’ Fox Mulder and Dana Scully? Well, no. The lurkers are two guys from sunny San Diego, California – Glen Morgan and James Wong, scriptwriters and co-executive producers for the Fox Network’s The X-Files, and lying low, says Morgan, is just what he and Wong should be doing. “Writers belong in some dark corner, watching,” he says, paraphrasing n ... [Continua a leggere]

No Wonder He's Called Fox

David Duchovny: TV's new heartthrob -- Thanks to a teeny red bikini, the sexy ''X-Files'' star is hottest thing on the small screen

''You're not going to try to take a shower with me, are you?'' David Duchovny wants to know. ''We can go swimming together, but I'm showering by myself afterwards. Understood?'' The ground rules thus established, the X-Files star invites a visiting reporter to join him for a dip at the public park in Vancouver where the actor paddles a mile almost every morning before heading to the set of his hit TV series. Arriving poolside at 11 a.m. sharp, Duchovny, 35, drops his jeans and offers his guest a journalistic coup. ''I decided to wear the same swimsuit I wore on the show,'' he announces. ''Th ... [Continua a leggere]

Interview with Chris Carter

INTERVIEWER: Richard Van Syckle, segment producer, c|net television PARTICIPANT: Chris Carter, creator, executive producer, “The X- Files” VAN SYCKLE: To start with, you’ve said that winning the Golden Globe for Best Dramatic Series, you were so stunned that it was sort of an “X-Files” experience in itself. Now that you’ve learned that, has the shock worn off or are you still surprised by success? CARTER: I’m surprised by every day. It’s almost like I haven’t really lifted my head up. I’m still running so hard and just tr ... [Continua a leggere]



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