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The Next Files

Chris Carter made the paranormal sexy with The X-Files. Now, with his eagerly anticipated new creep show, Millennium, he’s shooting for just plain shocking.

Chris Carter has a horrifying idea. More monstrous than the Flukeman who wormed his way onto The X-Files during its second season. More hideous than the jumbo cockroaches that wiggled across the screen last season. More appalling than the apocalyptic serial killers about to be unleashed this season on Millennium, the deeply creepy X-Files spawn arriving Oct. 25. “Let’s go jogging,” the TV producer suggests with hair-raising cheeriness. “How about Sunday morning? Sunday morning good for you?” The horror, the horror. And that’s just the beginning ... [Continua a leggere]

No Wonder He's Called Fox

David Duchovny: TV's new heartthrob -- Thanks to a teeny red bikini, the sexy ''X-Files'' star is hottest thing on the small screen

''You're not going to try to take a shower with me, are you?'' David Duchovny wants to know. ''We can go swimming together, but I'm showering by myself afterwards. Understood?'' The ground rules thus established, the X-Files star invites a visiting reporter to join him for a dip at the public park in Vancouver where the actor paddles a mile almost every morning before heading to the set of his hit TV series. Arriving poolside at 11 a.m. sharp, Duchovny, 35, drops his jeans and offers his guest a journalistic coup. ''I decided to wear the same swimsuit I wore on the show,'' he announces. ''Th ... [Continua a leggere]



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