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Callum Keith Rennie, Adam Godley

Callum Keith Rennie (“Tin Man” ) and Adam Godley (“Around the World in 80 Days”) have signed on to co-star in the untitled “X-Files” sequel for 20th Century Fox. Rennie’s credits include “Men in Trees” and the upcoming “Case 39,” opposite Renee Zellweger. Godley’s credits include “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” and “Elizabeth: The Golden Age.” ... [Continua a leggere]

The Truth is in Vancouver

That's right late 90's nerds, The X-Files are back! Director Chris Carter is up north in Vancouver shooting the X-Files Movie sequel with David Duchovny, Amanda Peet, Gillian Anderson and rapper turned actor, Xzibit. Check out the photos of some of the cast shooting a scene last night for the first day of shooting. X-Philes get ready, because Mulder and Scully are coming back next summer to a theater near you! ... [Continua a leggere]

Creativity: Different stars talk about what inspired them

Creativity seems to be an indefinable something that separates the artist from the rest of the world. You never know just what’s going to trigger it. For Jim Carrey it was a teacher, for Gillian Anderson it was failing an audition, for Tim Burton it was digging in his heels. “I was in the second grade and my teacher was playing a record,” recalls Carrey. “I was mocking all the musicians. She said, `If you’re going to do that, do it in front of the whole class.’ And they went nuts. She asked me to do it at the Christmas assembly and from then on that was the ... [Continua a leggere]

‘Masterpiece Theater,’ Now in 3 Flavors: Classic, Mystery, Contemporary

Gillian Anderson, best known to American audiences as Agent Dana Scully of the F.B.I., from the Fox television show “The X-Files,” will be one of the new hosts of “Masterpiece Theater” on PBS when it begins its new season on Jan. 13, the program’s producers plan to announce today. Naming Ms. Anderson as a host is part of a broad overhaul of the look and scheduling of “Masterpiece Theater,” now 37 years old, intended to bring in more viewers by getting rid of some of the packaging that Rebecca Eaton, the program’s executive producer, said was beg ... [Continua a leggere]

Threesome mark spots for 'X-Files'

NEW YORK -- The new "X-Files" movie will be packing more heat. Rapper Xzibit, Amanda Peet and Billy Connolly have signed on for director Chris Carter's next big-screen adaptation of the hit series for Fox.Sources said Xzibit and Peet will play fellow FBI agents to David Duchovny's Mulder and Gillian Anderson's Scully in the supernatural thriller with a stand-alone story, not a sequel or continuation of the hit 1998 feature adaptation. Citing a policy of secrecy surrounding the plot line, Fox would not confirm any details regarding the three actors' roles.Carter and Frank Spotnitz wrote the scr ... [Continua a leggere]

X Files star to appear in Radio 4 play

X Files star Gillian Anderson will make her radio drama debut in a BBC Radio 4 adaptation of 84 Charing Cross Road. Anderson will feature alongside Denis Lawson in the new version of Helene Hanff's book, which will be the centrepiece of Radio 4's Christmas schedule, airing at 3.10pm on Christmas Day. Hanff's book, which was turned into a film starring Anthony Hopkins and Anne Bancroft, tells the true story of her 20-year correspondence with London bookseller Frank Doel. The pair had a blossoming romance despite never meeting, exchanging letters and gifts by post. But by the time New Yorker ... [Continua a leggere]

Family: Reindeers Book White Wedding

Robbie's Plans To Tie The Knot With Donner Are Thrown Up In The Air When Aliens Kidnap The Bride. Can Robbie Save The Day By Rescuing His Reindeer Sweetheart? Robbie The Reindeer In Close Encounters Of The Herd Kind Bbc One.

EVERYONE'S favourite reindeer Robbie is back for all the family to enjoy on Christmas Day.New to the cast in the third film of the series are Keira Knightley, Ozzy Osbourne, Gillian Anderson, Russell Brand, Graham Norton, Ross Kemp, Shane Ritchie and Michael Palin. They'll join a returning cast of Ardal O'Hanlon, Jane Horrocks, Harry Enfield, Paul Whitehouse and Sean Hughes.In the programme Robbie's wedding is halted by the presence of a sinister crystal and his fiance, Donner, is kidnapped by aliens, Robbie must embark on a mission to stop the destruction of the planet by the evil Vorkana, Qu ... [Continua a leggere]

Californian sex files

EVERYONE knows that David Duchovny can pull off a suit. After all, this is a man who fitted snugly inside the FBI uniform of Agent Fox Mulder for nine years on The X-Files. And he cornered the market in repression, thanks to the sexual tension between Mulder and partner Scully (Gillian Anderson). So it probably came as something of a surprise to his many fans to see him wandering around in his pants, sometimes even less, and having his way with a string of ladies on his new television show, Californication. It's an interesting career twist for the 47-year-old actor, who swore off TV after the ... [Continua a leggere]

'X-Files' Sequel: Castmembers, Celeb Fans Want More Mulder-Scully Action, Less Black Oil

Everyone from offed villain Nicolas Lea to longtime viewer Seth Rogen has something to say about the 2008 movie.

with additional reporting by Brian Jacks and Josh Horowitz They've been screaming "We want to believe!" for years — but fans of "The X-Files" finally have something real to crow about, with news last month that the seminal TV series is making its way back to theaters in 2008. "Finally!" is how Nicolas Lea, who played baddie Alex Krycek, reacted to the announcement. "This story had been percolating for a long time. I feel like if this movie has half the quality and integrity of the series, it will pull in not only past fans of the show, but a whole new generation of X-Philes." His sen ... [Continua a leggere]

Ciak, si gira X-Files da grande schermo. Resuscita la saga-cult di Mulder e Scully.

Il 10 dicembre cominciano le riprese del film (il secondo per il cinema): David Duchovny e Gillian Anderson di nuovo protagonisti. A dirigerli è il creatore della serie, Chris Carter. La pellicola arriverà nelle sale a luglio 2008, per la gioia dei milioni di appassionati orfani del serial. Top secret la trama, il titolo potrebbe essere "Done one".

DICIAMO la verità: se siete appassionati di serial made in Usa, conditi da dosi più o meno massicce di paranormale, allora potete essere considerati a tutti gli effetti "orfani" di X-Files, i telefilm-cult prodotti nel decennio 1993-2002. Certo, in questi ultimi anni avete cercato di consolarvi appassionandovi alle domande senza risposta di Lost; avete seguito diligentemente le peripezie dietrologiche di Alias; adesso siete alle prese con gli strani superpoteri di Heroes; ma sotto sotto provate un po' di nostalgia per quel mix di complottismo, ironia, paranoie da alieni e sentime ... [Continua a leggere]

More Celebs Join Writers' Picket Lines

NEW YORK -- Julianne Moore schmoozed with Nora Ephron. Robin Williams chatted up David Duchovny. Richard Belzer walked one dog and toted another in a zippered bag. Film festival? Premiere? No, it was the picket line in front of Time Warner Center on Thursday, the fourth day of a strike by TV and film writers over getting a share of new media profits. No new negotiations have been scheduled on the main sticking points between the Writers Guild of America and producers: payments from DVDs and shows offered on the Internet. "They claim there's no money in the Internet," said Williams, one of abou ... [Continua a leggere]

X-Files movie to film in Vancouver

Series put city on the map in the 1990s as a place to film science fiction television.

David Duchovny will be reaching once again for his umbrella, and so will at least 100 crew members in the city as 20th Century Fox made it official: the sequel to 1998's The X-Files movie will shoot in Vancouver. The movie, as yet untitled, brings together Duchovny and Gillian Anderson as special FBI agents Fox Mulder (Duchovny) and Dana Scully (Anderson) who, in the original television series and in the first movie, encounter paranormal activity in their investigations. Duchovny and Anderson starred in the long-running TV series The X-Files (1993-2002), which shot its first five seasons in ... [Continua a leggere]

X-Files, si parte davvero

Cominciano le riprese, ed è stata fissata persino la data di uscita del film, in arrivo già la prossima estate.

Chi pensava che l'idea di un nuovo film di X-Files fosse solo un bel sogno, o una vana speranza di David Duchovny ansioso di ritrovare il periodo d'oro della sua carriera, rimarrà sorpreso nell'apprendere che questa volta questo progetto, di cui si parla da molto tempo, è uscito dal mondo dei sogni e delle possibilità improbabili per diventare una certezza. Le riprese di X-Files 2 inizieranno il 10 dicembre a Vancouver, e il film dovrebbe già uscire il 25 luglio 2008. Tempi brevissimi quindi, il che fa pensare a un corredo di effetti speciali non troppo complesso, ... [Continua a leggere]

X-Files: Ciak, si gira!

20th Century Fox comunica che il sequel cinematografico di X-Files uscirà a Luglio 2008.

Ci stanno solo impiegando un tantino più del previsto, ma ci siamo quasi. Nell’estate del 2004 ho avuto occasione di intervistare Chris Carter, creatore di X-Files, che già allora mi aveva detto: «Il sequel di X-Files è in avanzata fase di sceneggiatura, la prima stesura del copione è praticamente finita». Mi aspettavo, quindi, di poter vedere il film entro un anno. Alla fine ci è voluto un po’ di più, ma ora – finalmente – sappiamo quanto.Variety fa sapere che è stata stabilita la data ufficiale per il sequel ... [Continua a leggere]

X-Files stars crew reunite for secretive sequel

LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) - Fans of "The X-Files" no longer have to rely on Internet rumors to seek the truth about a sequel to the 1998 movie based on the popular TV series On Wednesday, Fox announced production will start December 10 on the sequel, which reunites the show's stars, David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson. The studio also picked July 25 as the U.S. release date. Series creator Chris Carter will direct the still-untitled film. Carter also co-wrote the screenplay with "X-Files" veteran Frank Spotnitz. The duo also are producing. Shooting will take place in Vancouver. The s ... [Continua a leggere]



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