The Tonight Show with Jay Leno with David Duchovny

Jay Leno: Okay, my first guest stars in the very popular show, "X-Files." [CHEERS AND APPLAUSE] Of course, it is now a movie. "The X-Files" opens June 19th. Please welcome David Duchovny! [CHEERS AND APPLAUSE] [PLAYING THE THEME TO THE "X-FILES"] [CHEERS AND APPLAUSE]

JL: Have a seat. Good to see you. [CHEERS AND APPLAUSE] You look good. You look in Shape!

David Duchovny: Yeah. [EXTENDED CHEERS AND APPLAUSE] It sounds like we got most of the "Re" here today. [They had just shown a clip of people who didn't know the pledge of allegiance--therefore didn't know what the remainder of "Re...." would be when they started to say it.]

JL: No they were guessing.i

David Duchovny: That's a loud "re."

JL: People are unbelievable. And to the "Re....," the "Re....." [LAUGHTER]

DD: All across this great "Re" of ours, the movie will be opening on June 19th.

JL: June 19th. There you are. Let me ask you about this. Before we talk about The "X-Files," you know, I loved you on "Larry Sanders." [CHEERS AND APPLAUSE] The last episode really made me laugh. In fact, you got nominated for an emmy for this.

DD: Last year, not for this particular flash -- but last year. For those people who don't watch "Larry Sanders," he plays a fictional talk show host. And what makes him fictional is he is a really nasty guy unlike the real talk show hosts. [To Leno] I'll get that money later. [finishes story to audience] So he just -- in the show, in this clip, Larry is talking to me. He's trying to get me to go on his final good-bye show, which is like the Carson good-bye, but only it is for Larry Sanders.

JL: But you kinda have this....

DD: I kinda have a crush on him.

JL: You have a crush on him. Which I find is funny. You have a crush on him as David Duchovny.

DD: Yes I have a crush on him as David Duchovny.

JL: So people don't know if you're sort of....

DD: At one point we're talking. And I said, "Gary, it would be funny if I just had a crush on you and I was straight." It was just kind of very mystifying to me. [LAUGHTER] I was like, "I just get tingles around you and I don't know why." [LAUGHTER] I just thought that was funny. and some people in the "Re" do too. [LAUGHTER]

JL: Anyway.

DD: Anyway, it got totally out of hand. And you should see what happens. Show them this clip there.

JL: Here's the scene with him and Gary Shandling from "Larry Sanders."


Larry Sanders: Would it be ask if you would do the show?
DD: I've actually been wanting to go on the show, very much. And I'm glad that you finally asked me. [DD uncrosses and recrosses his legs while only wearing a robe....]
LS: Well, Thank you.
DD: You're welcome. Hey, I heard you got rid of Steven Graham. [DD uncrosses and recrosses his legs....]
LS: Yeah. His behavior was so "de-testicle."
DD: Is that a word?
LS: What did I say?
DD: You said, "His behavior was so "de-testicle."
LS: Did I? I meant "despicable."
DD: Yeah.
LS: Hey, can I hae some fruit?
DD: Yeah.
LS: Appreciate it.


DD: The disturbing thing about it all is, I don't know if you remember "Basic Instict," but when Sharon Stone kind of flashed on that, she went around saying she had no idea that she was going to be shown here.

JL: Right.

DD: Well, otherwise she would have put underwear on. And they said there was "VPL," you know, "Visible Panty Line," Therefore, don't go out with underwear. We won't shoot it. And they said the same damn thing to me. [LAUGHTER] And I'm watching at home on TV, and 'My God! My father and mother are watching this! [LAUGHTER] And Gary lied to me!' [LAUGHTER] They had turned up the heat in the place. And I was wondering why. And they said, 'I want you to have your best showing.' [LAUGHTER]

JL: You were like.... You were kind of like Coco in 'fame.' Remember 'Coco' had to do the little thing?

DD: It was very sad for Dave.

JL: Very sad for you? Yeah? Listen, this seems like it's very traumatic. Do you want to take a break and compose yourself?

DD: No. I think I'm okay. Let's move on.

JL: No, No, No. I think you've got it. You gather yourself. More with David, right after this. Be right back.


JL: We're back. Talking with David Duchovny. The movie is "The X-Files" Movie. Now I want to ask you about this. I'm not going to give anything away, but this nude scene you have in the movie...

DD: Okay, Okay.

JL: Just think of how unfair the media is.

DD: I know.

JL: Here you are, you have this little tiny ass on the big screen.... [LAUGHTER] Whereas Dennis Franz, my good friend, has this big ass on the little screen. It seems like it should be.... [LAUGHTER]

DD: Everything balances out my friend.

JL: It all does balance out.

DD: The thing about my ass being in the movie ..... [CHEERS AND APPLAUSE] How shameless is this whole appearance? We go from my front to my back. [FEMALE CROWD MEMBERS SCREAM] We're never going to leave my belt area. I'm going to have to get out of here.

JL: All right...go ahead. What we're you going to say?

DD: But my ass was cut. And the problem is, it's a scary movie, but my 40-foot ass was too scary. [LAUGHTER] It was like, everybody was scared. It was a wonderful movie. And then people ran screaming. [LAUGHTER] So it was just a little too much for the kids at home. If you have never seen it, if you think you have a tiny ass, wait until it is inflated to 40 feed. [LAUGHTER]

JL: Well, let me ask, was there any part where you worried seriously about taking this from the small screen to the big screen. Because it is tricky.

DD: I wasn't. But I think I might have made a mistake at one point. When we first started shooting, like the first week, I thought...we have been doing the TV show for five years. We know how to do it. We just do our characters and people are going to watch the TV show. They're going to watch the movie. You don't have to change your acting style from TV to film. And, then, it was a huge error. I actually brought some early rushes from the first week of shooting to show the kind of mistake that I made in making the transition from TV to film. If you have that?

JL: You have it? Yeah, okay. What is this we're going to see?

DD: It's just a scene where I'm talking to the syndicate. And it's a huge error on my part. And I'd like to share it with you.

JL: All right. Go ahead. Let's take a look.

[SCENE BEGINS -- DD is really small standing on a table while the syndicate members are talking and not noticing him...]

DD: Hello! Hello! Hello! Hey!! Yes, Down here!! Excuse me!!

DD: My name is Fox Mulder, I'm with the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Down HERE!!


JL: You're much smaller in this scene.

DD: You see. You know, people talk about movie stars being bigger than life and everything, like that. And, you know, when you bring it from TV you have to be careful. You got to inflate yourself. Not only your ass should be 40 feet, but everything else. [CHEERS AND APPLAUSE]

JL: I love the episode you did where you had no arms. You know?

DD: Well, thank you.

JL: And you're fully recovered by the next week. I always like that. [LAUGHTER]

DD: That's true. Yeah.

JL: You get old and then, 'Whew, thank God that went away.'

DD: Yeah, we never talk about that. 'Remember when I had no arms. That was funny.' [LAUGHTER] No, what happened was, it was kind of a virtual reality sequence. And I wak up and my arms have been burned and amputated. And I wake up and I see this. And it's shocking. And I'm screaming. And then Scully, played by Gillian comes in, and does call her the 'fembots,' you know from 'Austin Powers.' She does this thing where she karate's all of these guys. And the driector comes over to me, Rob Bowman, and he says, 'You are not paying enought attention to Gillian. She's fighting incredibly.' And I said, 'I have no arms!' [LAUGHTER] I said, 'I wake up, and I have no arms.' I'm like, 'I HAVE NO ARMS!!!!' 'Oh, wow, look at her fight." [LAUGHTER] 'BUT I HAVE NO ARMS!' 'Hey, nice kick.' "BUT NO ARMS!!" You know i was like, "It's like you want something like that, we'll go back...' [DAVID MOCKS KARATE YELLS] [LAUGHTER] It's like that the whole time. So that's the kind of.... [LAUGHTER] subtle kind of transitions that we like to make on the show. [LAUGHTER]

JL: Now do you have an actual.... you have an actual clip from the film.

DD: An actual

JL: That wasn't an actual clip?

DD: Yes.

JL: But see, I love the syndicate. I love Smoking man. I love all the creepy...

DD: Yeah.

JL: You do wonderful casting on the show. People are so odd and suspicious looking.

DD: Mostly from Vancouver, in Canada, yeah. [LAUGHTER] No, no, I didn't mean it that way. [LAUGHTER] That they are good actors, not that they're odd or anything.

JL: What is this scene here?

DD: This is a scene where some bad things happen to me. I decided to get a drink and talk to the barmade here played by Glen Hedley.

JL: So, what do you do?

DD: What do I do?

JL: Uh-huh.


DD: I'm the key figure in an ongoing government charade, a plot to conceal the truth about the existence of extraterestrials. It's a global conspiracy, actually, with key players in the highest levels of power. It reaches down into the lives of every man, woman and child on this planet. So of course, no one believes me. I'm an annoyance to my superiours, a joke to my peers. They call me 'Spooky.' 'Spooky' Mulder, whose sister was abducted by aliens when he was just a kid. And now he chases after little green ment with a badge and a gun, just shouting for the heavens or anyone that will listen that the fix is in, that the sky is falling.
Barmaid: Well, I would say, that about does it, 'Spooky.'


JL: Of course, I know you have to...

DD: Much bigger.

JL: Are you off to the premiere?

DD: Yeah, I haven't seen the movie. You have seen it because that's how hip you are. You saw the movie before me.

JL: That's right.

DD: And I have to go. I can't sit on this comfy couch.

JL: You have the premiere tonight.

DD: I have the premiere tonight. Right now. I'm running away.

JL: That's a beautiful tuxedo by the way. All right. Thanks to David Duchovny. [CHEERS AND APPLAUSE]

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