Gillian Anderson on Late Show with David Letterman

DL: I saw you in the movie and I just told her what I'll tell you, she’s tremendous, just tremendous.

GA: Thank you. Thank you very much!

DL: What a wonderful actress you are. What a wonderful actor you are.

GA: Thank you very much.

DL: Nice job.

GA: Are you sucking up to me?

DL: Yeah, *laughs*. But it looks to me that maybe... *pointing at her stomach*

GA: Like somebody else has sucked up to me? *everyone laughs*

DL: I guess so.

GA: Wait wait wait...

DL: And it worked!

GA: Yeah it did.

DL: Apparently it worked.

GA: But let me...Speaking of, do you remember what happened last time I was on the show?

DL: Six years ago, yeah.

GA: Do you remember what happened?

DL: Yes. I made a fool of myself. *GA laughs* I don't even know how it happened. I know why it happened but I don't know why I was allowed to get away with it.

GA: *laughs* We made out.

DL: No no no. I just kind of, I just kind of, I just kind of took advantage of you in a weak moment.

GA: No, no. I was complicit, but we made out on the show. It was...

DL: Good. *audience laughs*

GA: It was... you know...

DL: But you know, I just apologize again because.... *putting his hand on GA's hand* I don't behave that way, but some, something about that night, I couldn't... *GA puts her hand on top of DL's hand, audience laugh* I couldn't help myself, honest to god, and later I just, I ran upstairs sobbing.

GA: You didn't write, you didn't call. *DL laughs* I was honestly, I was waiting by my answering machine. I expected to at least get a message from you. I eventually moved to London because this wasn't getting anywhere.

DL: Well you are awfully good natured about this thing.

GA: Actually speaking of that, I actually did have an experience where I met... Umm I met Clinton once, and he umm...

DL: President Clinton, Bill?

GA: That, that Clinton, yeah. I was at a fundraiser for one of his I guess campaigns, probably his first one. And somebody, some celebrity, had thrown this party for him. At one point, we were told we should line up because he was going to a meet and greet. And so we all, mostly women, lined up, and he made his way down the row. And when he gets to you... And I think this has been... somebody has done... He takes your hand like this and he makes eye contact, and he puts his other arm up like that and he's really... And somebody's whispering in his ear, "Gillian Anderson, from X-Files." But then after he leaves, he moves on to the next person, he kind looks back at you, continue making, as if there's something more you might be... seals the deal. And I honestly, when I got back to my apartment, I expected to have a message from him, and I didn't. I bet there are women across America who expect this from him.

DL: Yes but this interesting because we kinda know his deal.

GA: Yes.

DL: We know his story, but this story I think is the same kind of thing. This same sorta of spell under which I fell.

GA: *laughs*. No, the spell that I fell under with you.

DL: No no no.

GA: no no no.

DL: You were probably just thinking, oh I guess if I don't kiss him I won't get paid. That’s what you were thinking. *GA laughs* Like Richard Dawson, does he kiss? He must kiss everybody, that's what it was.

GA: I did think you were, because you didn't call I figured it was just one of many.

DL: Now we have the thing here I'm not gonna look at it, you wanna see it again?

GA: What thing?

DL: The video, the clip.

GA: What of us kissing?! Oh my god!

DL: Let's take a look, I'm not going to look.

GA: Yeah why not. okay, alright.

*clip from last time when they kissed*

GA: Oh my god!

DL: I'll just...

GA: That's was embarrassing!

DL: I just gather my belongings and get out of here.

GA: That was so embarrassing!

DL: Yeah I'm sorry.

GA: I wish you hadn’t shown that.

DL: Yeah well. Now let’s talk about better times, you have a youngster on the way?

GA: I do, I have a…

DL: How many children do you have?

GA: I have three. I have a 13-year-old, a 20-month old…

DL: Wow a 13-year-old!

GA: Yes.

DL: 13-year-old a boy or a girl?

GA: I have a 13-year-old girl.

DL: Oh my god.

GA: And I have a 20-month-old boy.

DL: Wow, that is great.

GA: Thank you very much. And you since, since we kissed, had a child.

DL: Yes, I just have that one. I have a four and half year old.

GA: Yeah.

DL: But a 13-year-old girl, a 20-month-old boy, and then…

GA: And then one the way, yeah.

DL: You know what this is?

GA: This is a boy.

DL: Congratulations.

GA: Thank you very much.

DL: That’s nice. Now you…

GA: I can’t imagine you as a father, I’m sorry, it’s really, really hard for me to..

DL: Believe me, if you are at (?) the house, it’s peculiar.

GA: Does your wife just standing there all the time shaking her head going, “I can’t believe he’s changing the diaper!”

DL: Yeah. That’s right, yeah. Let me guess, you probably got 3 more months.

GA: That’s about right yes, that’s very good, thank you.

DL: And you family is in London as I recall?

GA: Yes, I’ve been living in London for about 5 and half years.

DL: How did that happened? You were… You lived there as a kid, didn’t you.

GA: Well after you rejected me, I decided I was going to move countries, which is the only thing…

DL: *laughs* It was so god-awful she had to leave the country, ladies and gentlemen. Oh boy!

GA: No, I have been living in London for about 5 and half years now, made a home there, got a family.

DL: Cool.

GA: Yeah I like it very much, it’s great.

DL: What’s the paperwork on a deal like that?

GA: What do you mean?

DL: Is there like a form you got to fill out or can you just move over there?

GA: You know actually what’s funny is tomorrow I have to go to the consulate here and renew my visa in order to be a non-citizen living in England. This will be the second time I’ll be doing this. But the, the immigration lawyers to figure out what category I fit into, came up with “highly skilled migrant.”

DL: Woah boy, wow

GA: So that’s what the UK thinks of me, as a highly skilled migrant. But it’s actually quite a ??? I had to send in my diploma, and pictures of awards that I have won.

DL: Really awards?

GA: Yeah, photographs of awards that prove I’m highly skilled, and reviews, and all that kind stuff.

DL: You wanna use that videotape? Get a load of this! We’ll be right back here with Gillian Anderson everybody.

*after the break*

DL: Now this movie is subtitled, you probably know this from the marquees, Creep City, because it’s very creepy. It’s very creepy and very cold because it’s shot at nighttime outdoors in the snow, and we have a clip here, what are we going to see?

GA: I think this is a clip of me, the character I play, Scully, nagging David Duchovny’s character, Mulder about some such. I do it a few times in the film and this is one of them.

DL: Well let’s take a look.

GA: This is me nagging. Yeah.

DL: Gillian Anderson, The X-Files: I Want to Believe.

*fake clip of some female robotic-ish character lasering out someone*

DL: That’s… wow.

GA: *laughs* That was some nag! My poor, my poor partner, if I nagged him like that, I wouldn’t be… he wouldn’t be a father.

DL: Let’s see it again.

*real clip*

DL: See what I’m saying? *GA doing wooing noises in the background* The X-Files: I Want to Believe, Gillian Anderson. Good luck with the film, good luck with your new baby, good luck with your family. So nice to see you again.

GA: It’s good to see you too.

DL: The lovely Gillian Anderson.




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