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Gillian Anderson on Late Show with David Letterman

DL: I saw you in the movie and I just told her what I'll tell you, she’s tremendous, just tremendous.GA: Thank you. Thank you very much!DL: What a wonderful actress you are. What a wonderful actor you are.GA: Thank you very much.DL: Nice job.GA: Are you sucking up to me?DL: Yeah, *laughs*. But it looks to me that maybe... *pointing at her stomach*GA: Like somebody else has sucked up to me? *everyone laughs*DL: I guess so.GA: Wait wait wait...DL: And it worked!GA: Yeah it did.DL: Apparently it worked.GA: But let me...Speaking of, do you remember what happened last time I was on the show?D ... [Continua a leggere]



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