David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson Know Exactly What They're Doing to Us and Seem to Be Enjoying It

It was a good weekend to be an X-Files fan. The stars of the now 20-year-old sci-fi series spent the weekend reminiscing about the past and drumming up support for a third film. And from their Reddit AMA to their Paley Center Q&A to their panel at New York Comic Con, one common thread was clear: David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson know that we all think they're secretly together and they really love messing with us about it.

Blind items and rumors about have two have been flying for months — some say that they live together, some that they might even be secretly married.  And with the fervor that Mulder and Scully's ten-year slow burn relationship inspired, a real life coupling is almost too much for diehard fans to handle. But if that's what gets 20th Century Fox to greenlight The X-Files 3, we can stand a little teasing.

It all started on Saturday when the duo started their AMA by posting this photo. When a Redditor asked if their increasing hotness was "a secret alien power," Duchovny commented that Anderson is "every bit as hot, and hotter." At the Paley Center panel, he gushed some more, this time about her performance. Anderson answered a fan question about what role she could play on Californication by suggesting "a Scully-impersonating stripper." The banter continued at their Comic Con panel, where David told the audience that he sometimes signs his emails to Gillian as "Mulder." And fans screamed when he gallantly draped his jacket over the chilly Anderson's shoulders and left it there for the rest of the panel. Every glance, touch, and saucy comment was punctuated by wry smiles that tell us that these two know what they're doing. Whether the rumors are true or not, we're pretty sure fans would be happy if the third movie were just a 90-minute version of this PG-13 Mulder/Scully conversation they improvised for the Comic Con audience.

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