E! Online Chat with William B. Davis

From dirt_girl: Do you feel your character and Darth Vader are kindred spirits?
I hate that question. I'll tell you why I hate that question: Just as there are people who have never seen The X-Files, there are people who have never seen Star Wars!

From june: Will they ever reveal your connection to Mulder? My guess is you are related in some way.
I don't know whether we will ever know if we are genetically connected, we are emotionally connected. Whether or not we will find out about the biological question, I don't know.

From echo2: What do you like most about your CSM role?
Hey, it's always intriguing to explore the dark side.

From grm: What other projects are you currently working on?
I just completed a TV movie for the Fox Family Channel called Voyage of the Damed.

From spookyriss: What was your favorite episode?
"Talitha Cumi," at the end of season three. [Remember that one? Mulder's mother suffers a stroke, and Mulder searches for an alien with healing powers.]

From sandyh: Do you think the conspiracy theories are getting too complicated?
NO! I think that is part of the fun of it, don't you?

From Jon: Do you really smoke?
No, it's a terrible habit. I smoke herbal cigarettes on the show.

From Crash1035: Are you really Mulder's father?
[Shrugs.] You just never know!

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