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The X-Files vs. Lost - which is better?

The new issue of Entertainment Weekly (March 14) features its annual "Pop Culure Throw-Down!", which makes such deliberately provocative — and potentially injury causing — pronouncements as "Bob Dylan sings better than Kelly Clarkson" and "Craig Ferguson is funnier than Conan O'Brien," along with such timeless pop culture arguments as The Beatles vs. The Rolling Stones, Star Wars vs. Star Trek, Spielberg vs. Scorsese and Diane vs. Rebecca on Cheers.The lead-off argument, if you will, is "The X-Files is better than Lost." Longtime EW TV critic and former New York Magazine film ... [Continua a leggere]

X-Files producer can’t let go of Vancouver

Director Chris Carter may be busy giving a new look to his famous TV series in L.A., but he hasn’t forgotten his roots in Vancouver. The X-Files may have fled the rain but Chris Carter, the southern California-raised surfer dude turned pop-culture savant, has quietly donned his hipwaders for more wet nights in the city that gave The X-Files its dark, brooding look for five years. On Sunday, Carter’s most ambitious X-Files yet — an episode called Triangle, a loose amalgam of The Wizard of Oz, Alfred Hitchcock’s Rope and Casablanca revisited on acid — ... [Continua a leggere]

X-Files cameraman pictures L.A.

Joel Ransom hasn’t decided if he’ll follow the show to California, but his memories of doing it here are still vivid and moody.

If Joel Ransom has done his job, nothing that meets the eye during tomorrow’s season finale of The X-Files will seem artificially posed, self-conscious or self-serving. As the New Westminster-born, Port Moody-raised director of photography for The X-Files during its final season in the Lower Mainland, Ransom worked cheek-by-jowl with directors like Rob Bowman, Kim Manners and R.W. (Bob) Goodwin, supervising a tight-knit crew of Vancouver-based lighting technicians and camera operators (Marty McInally, Simon Jori, Mark Cohen, among others) to create some of the most compe ... [Continua a leggere]

X-Files creator bids B.C. sad adieu

The creator and executive-producer of The X-Files says it was a wrenching decision to move the popular television series to its new home in Los Angeles.

Chris Carter says he was nearly overcome with emotion when he broke the news late Friday night to his Vancouver crew, which was shooting one of the few remaining episodes of the season at a Kingsway Street motel. Carter said that, in the end, he owed it to his two stars, David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson, to allow them to return to their homes after five years of working abroad. In an interview by phone from Los Angeles Sunday, Carter admitted that he had promised Duchovny and Anderson that the show would not stay in Vancouver indefinitely. Duchovny told several ... [Continua a leggere]

Vancouver Sun

Shaken, stirred and satisfied. That’s how X-Files creator Chris Carter felt after seeing the cast and crew of his new TV series Harsh Realm reproduce the battle-scarred streets of Sarajevo down to the last bullet-scarred detail last weekend on a block-long stretch of Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside. “Believe me, I don’t consider myself to be a philosopher,” Carter said, taking in the scene in his characteristic even-tempered, California surfer-dude voice. “This is the amazing thing: I’m telling stories that I want to tell and people seem t ... [Continua a leggere]

Fox network party

HOLLYWOOD — For a moment, Gillian Anderson seems stunned. She has had two hours’ sleep. She has walked into the Hollywood dance zoo known as The Derby, a glorified jungle pit tucked away off Los Feliz Boulevard, to say hi to her good friend and mentor Chris Carter. Carter is sitting, Buddha-like, in a red armchair, patiently answering the questions of legions of reporters who have descended like flies at a barbeque. Anderson slips through the crowd, for one oh-so-brief moment virtually unnoticed by the hundreds of sweaty, noisy, anxious TV critics, TV fans, TV actors ... [Continua a leggere]

Secret of X-Files’ success is its secrets

“Mulder will see something that he thinks is paranormal, and Scully will say, no, it can’t be.” — X-Files producer Chris Carter on what fans can expect in the upcoming season.

PASADENA, Calif. — Chris Carter promises the usual surprises — and a nasty shock or two — when The X-Files begins its fourth season sometime in October. The first episode will be a conclusion to June’s cliffhanger which opened a whole new can of worms of exactly who is doing what to whom. Beyond that, and the fact the season opener is being shot in Kamloops — “This one is set in Canada,” Carter said cryptically, refusing to reveal more detail than that — he isn’t saying much other than, like all good X-Files episodes, this on ... [Continua a leggere]



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