X-Files Movie Premiere - Interview Transcripts

It's Chris Carter! You've been called the Pope of the Underground.
The Pope?

Yeah, people depend on you...
We work very hard on the show. Whatever success we've achieved is due to the hard work everyone does.

One of our users, Gina Galina from Chicago, wants to know why you changed the poster in Mulder's office?
There was a little copyright-infringement problem with the original spaceship on that first poster.

Why doesn't anybody have sex in the series?
It's a TV show. You can't have sex on TV shows.

Can you share any secrets of the movie tonight for people who can't see it till next week?
Buried in the movie is a little link to my production company, Ten Thirteen Productions. You've got to look quick to see it.

And here's John Neville, the Well-Manicured Man. What's it like doing business with aliens?
They're reasonable people. Aliens are just like Hollywood executives.

Can you tell us about the movie?

Were you threatened with violence if you talked?
They told us it wouldn't be fair to the audience.

Martin Landau, we're live online.
It's quite exciting, isn't it?

After Ed Wood and now this, you're quite the über-demon, aren't you?
You play two roles that are demonic, and you're "the demon guy." For balance, I just did Ron Howard's film, where I play a very nice man, and I did another film with Matt Damon where I'm a good guy.

Your daughter, Juliet [vampire Drusilla on Buffy the Vampire Slayer], is taking after you, isn't she?
I played Lugosi, not Dracula. Let's not get that confused.

Mimi Rogers, do you have any personal conspiracy theories
Oh, gosh. I can't answer that question. My life might be in danger.

The woman of the hour, Gillian Anderson, is just flying past, but maybe we can get her for one second. Gillian, one of our readers mentions that you started a fashion trend by running in high heels. How do you do that?
I have no idea. I guess form follows function.

It's Rob Bowman [director of The X-Files: Fight the Future and the series]!
This is a dream come true. I can't believe it! After all the long, rainy nights in Canada, tonight we reap the fruits of the movie.

Who was your favorite to direct?
They're all my favorites.

Can you share any secrets of the movie?
Sorry to see Mulder and Scully die at the end--no, I'm not gonna share anything.

Here comes Cigarette-Smoking Man [Cancer Man]! So, why do Scully and Mulder always get out alive?
I need to get people to work with me who can shoot straight. As soon as I get a good marksman, that'll be the end of the series.

How is it doing business with aliens?
They pay their bills on time. No, they double-cross you.

David Duchovny and Téa Leoni, you're the hottest couple in Hollywood. How does that feel?
David: Just hot! We go home at night and say, "Can you believe how hot we are?"

Why is there no sex on the show?
Téa: 'Cause I'm not on the show.
David: We can have sex at home.

Is it true a shot of your bare bottom got cut [out of the movie]?
Téa: Pay your eight bucks and find out.
David: My butt has never been cut.

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