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Moment Of Truth

Expectations are running high as the popular X-Files crosses over from TV to the big screen

HOLLYWOOD — It’s undeniable. The X-Factor truth will be out there in a few weeks. Believe no one until then. Days from now we will discover whether TV’s X-Files will become a movie hit. Opening Friday, Chris Carter’s film creation is a $60-million exercise in Star Trek-like cross-pollination, although unlike Star Trek and The Next Generation, the series is still airing. So like what’s going on? This is clear. The X-Files: Fight The Future tries to exploit what makes the series popular. That would be the unspoken bond between David Duchovny’s Fox ... [Continua a leggere]

Truth is in theatres

The X-Files gang plan their first movie for 1998

Being kept in the dark between seasons is nothing new to viewers of The X-Files. But next year, they’ll have to move their curiosity into darkened movie theatres. A cliffhanger set up by the final episode of the 1997-98 season will continue in the first X-Files feature film, to be released a month or so later, says Chris Carter, creator and executive-producer of the sublime scare series. He’s hesitant to talk much about the summer ’98 movie, lest he give away plot turns in the TV episodes to air between now and then. Carter’s shows are both blessed and d ... [Continua a leggere]

X marks stardom

NYPD Blue’s David Caruso is clearly TV’s poster boy of the season. But for viewers who like their leading men darkly rebellious, consider David Duchovny as UFO-obsessed FBI agent Fox Mulder of The X-Files. Duchovny has the looks, the wit, the haircut. And he plays Mulder, a true believer in extraterrestrials and government cover-ups, with an understated intensity that is magnetic. The character single-mindedly probes unexplained cases – X files – the FBI and certain shadowy government figures would rather he and fellow agent Dana Scully (costar Gillian Anderson) drop. ... [Continua a leggere]



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