The HFPA Investigates The X-Files

There are successful shows, popular shows and then there are iconic shows. The X-Files undoubtedly belongs to the latter, a rarefied category of series that changed the face of television and, during its original 9 run, arguably, popular culture. So, seldom has a reboot been so intensely anticipated. A group of HFPA journalists recently had access to the top-secret Vancouver set. Elisabeth Sereda recaps what we know so far … and what we can expect.

Trust no one. Least of all anyone who tells you so called secrets about the new X-Files. And do not think for a minute that any of the just revealed posters will, in fact, reveal anything other than that they are wonderfully designed art. Whether it is the group shot, the smoking man or the spooky shadows of the two protagonists with the flashlight. The only thing illuminating is – perhaps – the new trailer where Mulder warns that we have never been in more danger. Oh yes, and there’s a monster so maybe the 2012 alien invasion never happened.

The X-Files revival’s first episode premiered at New York Comic Con and was followed by a – sort of – Q&A. Creator and producer Chris Carter talked about the six episodes and how they are bookended by mythology episodes. And then he followed up with these magic words: “The Lone Gunmen are back.” Fans went nuts. There will certainly be a lot of exterior scenes, hence the return to Vancouver and the forests of British Columbia – a set that the HFPA recently visited.

Many questions were asked about Mulder and Scully's relationship, but the only vague answer was that time had taken its toll on the two. And the rumors about Deep Throat coming back? Not true, but interesting in terms of what Carter told Entertainment Weekly: “The X-Files ended right after 9/11. A lot has happened since then. A lot of rollback of rights and liberties in the name of our protection. We’re being spied on now, we’re being lied to — all things that, for me, remind me of when I grew up, which was right around Watergate. I think we’re in similar and much more dire times right now.” 

In early August the HFPA had the opportunity to visit the new/old X-Files set in Vancouver. And found out some facts. Agents Mulder and Scully will be looking into the sudden disappearance of a kidnapped alien. Joel McHale plays a conservative talk show host who tips them off. We learned that Mulder and Scully will be in much different places from where we last saw them in 2008's The X-Files: I Want To Believe. Most telling was the set that houses Mulder’s lair: its mess is a metaphor of the character’s inner conflicts.

The actor feels the series never really ended: “There was never a time when people stopped talking about The X-Files so, I guess we're a little rusty in the beginning but the first day of work I had one of these horrendous monologues that Chris likes to write where I said things like electrogravitic propulsion. I just have to say it really fast and act like I know what I'm talking about.“

Added Gillian Anderson on being Scully again: “It was both easy and a little bit more challenging than I had expected actually. I think I buried her a lot further down than I thought.”

The X-Files will return on Sunday Jan. 24, 2016 at 10 p.m

Elisabeth Sereda



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