X-Files movie finally happening?

I’ve got to be honest and say that I never thought another “X-Files” movie would ever happen. I really didn’t.

Sure, they - the producers and the cast – like to keep the rumour alive (once a year someone from the cast and crew likes to blurt to the media that they’re “talking about it” right now), but I just though it sounded like there was too much red tape; too many legal issues and a studio that needed big-time convincing (Chris Carter’s company vacated the FOX lot a couple of years back) holding it back. It seemed like an impossible mission – and yet, they stayed firm and stuck to their story that it was in the works.

Seems sticking to your guns works – because according to IESB, the new “X-Files” movie looks like it’s finally happening (my wife just did a back flip – and being that she’s pregnant, that’s scary stuff to watch)… and next year!

David Duchovny – whose career hasn’t really amounted to much since he left the series, though he has still been in work (anyone else see “Trust the Man”? No? Just me?) – tells the site that final negotiations are happening this week, and that it looks like they’ll be filming next year – if not earlier on the new “X-Files” movie.

Though Duchovny says there’s no complete script yet – I assume that means they’ve at least got a scriptment or treatment for it – he can confirm that the new film (which won’t be directly connected to anything that happened in the series) will have a “supernatural thriller” element to it. The bulk of the story will revolve around “Gillian’s character, Dana Scully, and my character, Fox Mulder”.

Last we heard creator Chris Carter was working on the script with Frank Spotnitz – one of the writers on the show; also an executive producer – but that was like, three years ago. I assume that’s still the case – can’t imagine anyone else writing the thing; especially someone new to the “X” world. Rob Bowman, who directed the first “X-Files” film (1998’s “X-Files : Fight the Future”, which made a sumly $180 million worldwide) has expressed interest on several occasions to direct. As for other actors – it’s anyone’s guessing who’ll be joining the titular twosome, but Robert Patrick (who played Agent Doggett in the last couple of seasons) is keen to reprise his role from the series for the film – should he be asked.

So that’s that fans. Looks like an announcement is imminent. Look for Mulder and Scully back on the big screen within the next year or two.

Oh, and here's the trailer (not really, but a good laugh all the same)...




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