Plus, why he's glad Season 11 of the TV show will be ten episodes, not six.

The truth is out there and this time around it comes in the form of an audio story. Mulder and Scully are diving back into The X-Files in a new audio series from Audible called The X-Files: Cold Cases, based on the Season 10 graphic novels by Joe Harris and Chris Carter. The audio story explores the same stories and characters you love in a new medium—directly into your earbuds.

The X-Files: Cold Cases was adapted by Dirk Maggs (The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy) and stars the familiar voices of Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny as they reprise their roles as Scully and Mulder. Also returning to the story are favorites Walter Skinner (Mitch Pileggi), the Cigarette Smoking Man (William B. Davis), and the Lone Gunman (Tom Braidwood, Dean Haglund, and Bruce Harwood). The story is set after the second film, The X-Files: I Want to Believe, where we pick up with Mulder and Scully in hiding—giving more insight into what exactly happened between the two iconic characters between the film and 2016 revival.

IGN spoke exclusively to David Duchovny ahead of his appearance at San Diego Comic-Con this past weekend about The X-Files: Cold Cases, playing Mulder in a new format, and what he knows so far about Season 11 of The X-Files.

IGN: What can fans of The X-Files expect from the new audio story?

David Duchovny: Well, I think that what they’re able to do is they have a good grasp of the characters. When I looked at the scripts I could see that they understood the show. They understood the characters. They understood the voices of the characters. And that was the most important part to me. And obviously, Chris Carter signed off on the plots and on the subject matter. So, I concerned myself less with that and more with you know, getting the characters right. And I thought they did a really nice job with that. So I think that will people will get from it is really like listening to an old fashioned radio play. Except this is gonna be The X-Files.

IGN: Is there any difference getting into character for something like this versus when it’s visual?

Duchovny: Any kind of films, as opposed to audio, it’s very different. When it’s just your voice carrying the character or carrying the intensity of the scene you’re relying a lot on the listener to make up the rest. If you’re filming a scene, there’s so much information for the viewer to get, but if it’s just sound you’ve got to fill in a little more and do a little more of the work of bringing the intensity that someone would get from looking at it.

IGN: Was there anything in you enjoyed about working on the audio versus the typical experience?

Duchovny: I enjoy a new challenge in any kind of form. Or a new game. When somebody says “Oh now you have to have your hands tied behind your back. Now it’s just your voice." And it’s not like, “Oh, now this is a terrible hardship,” it’s like, “Well, how do you do that?”. How do you come across with this character just using the voice and it’s an interesting question and therefore, kinda fun to start playing around with those questions.

IGN: Did you get to record with any of the cast members? Like Gillian? Or did everyone do their own thing?

Duchovny: No. I was in New York. I was with the director and you need that because he’s really the one who's going to be matching the intensity of me with whoever else was going to be talking with me. Most of the scenes are Scully and Mulder talking to one another. Sometimes Skinner. So, the director’s job is this case is tough because he’s really gotta make sure these three performances, or two performances, are in line. And choose the takes, the verbal takes that he’s gotten that match up. Otherwise, it would sound mismatched and ridiculous. So I think it’s a deceptively difficult job a director of these things has.

IGN: Is there anything you can tell us about Season 11 of The X-Files?

Duchovny: I wish I could. I’ve been pestering Chris Carter for scripts for the last two weeks and I’ve received nothing. So he says I’ll get one in the next few days and at that point, I will alert the media and give spoilers to everyone. [Laughs] I’ll just get to work on what I hope to be is a great season. Chris seems to be happy with the arch or the central idea they’ve chosen for this season to play around in. And he’s got a pretty good track record so I trust we’ll have some interesting stuff to do.

IGN: Do you know if it’s going to be laid out like last season where there are the mythology episodes on the ends and stand-alone in between?

Duchovny: I don’t know. I would assume that’s the way to do it. I think the handicap of the last season with only six episodes was just that - six episodes. So much ground had to be covered even in the first two. Which was reiterating or repeating or reminding people of the show and the issues of the show. And the characters and their issues. It was a lot of treading water that had to be done to satisfy both old and new viewers. And by the time we did that we were already almost halfway through what we were doing. I think now that we have ten [episodes], obviously, there’s going to be a little bit of recap, a little bit of refresher - I’m assuming. I don’t know that cause I haven’t seen anything. But once we handle that, then I think we’re off and running for a good nine and a half episodes. This is gonna be great. It will be more relaxed. I think it will be a better season. I think in many ways six... I think we handicapped ourselves too much. And it was obviously because of time constraints of everyone involved by I think 10 is a much better season for a show with big ideas like this one has.



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