Gillian Anderson on 'X-Files' Future: 'I Think This Will Be It for Me'

Gillian Anderson says she does not intend to continue playing FBI Special Agent Dana Scully past the upcoming, 11th season of The X-Files.

Co-starring David Duchovny, the sci-fi series initially ran from 1993 to 2002. It was revived last year for a 10th season and is scheduled to return for Season 11 in January.

Asked if she would be open to return for more episodes beyond that, the 49-year-old actress told reporters at New York Comic Con Sunday: "No. I think this will be it for me."

So, what made her want to do this season?

"Because it felt like it wasn't over. It didn't feel like we necessarily delivered everything that the fans were expecting from us last time," she replied. "And, so, it was that."

Anderson said she disagreed with an earlier statement by show creator Chris Carter, who said he decided to return to The X-Files because Anderson and Duchovny wanted to do it.

"My version is that David and Chris wanted to do it," she laughed. "And it was a matter of whether I was going to jump on-board or be the bad guy—forever."

By Karen Butler

FONTE: TV Insider (USA)


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