In addition to the release timing and new teaser trailer for The X-Files: Season 11 that debuted at New York Comic Con, IGN spoke with the show's creator, Chris Carter, the creator of The X-Files, as well as stars Gillian Anderson, David Duchovny and Mitch Pileggi about what the next season may hold.

Mulder and Scully’s son William is set to make an appearance in the next season, but beyond that, not much has been revealed about the character. Speaking to IGN at NYCC, Anderson said William will have an "elusive" relationship with his parents, showing up by the fifth episode.

“The fans seem to have really created a spot for William in their hearts. It’s so interesting that they’ve kind of adopted this sense that there’s this kid out there that they want to know about,” Duchovny added.

When asked if fans could expect more episodes in the lighthearted vein of Season 10's popular episode Mulder and Scully Meet the Were-Monster, Carter said, "[Writer Darin Morgan] is coming back to do another you’ll get more of his kind of original mind at work, and I think that there are other episodes that work on that level too. I think four episodes probably could be catalogued as that style."

The cast remained tight-lipped about the end of Season 10 — including just who was driving the spaceship seen at the season's end. Pileggi, who plays Assistant Director Walter Skinner, did say the season starts off with a bang.

“Where we start off this year with this season is a real head spinner. People are gonna be going, ‘What the…,’” Pileggie teased, while also confirming that Skinner will have his own episode to explore the character's backstory.

“I’m so excited because in previous episodes in the original run of the show, you had one episode where Mulder was trying to resign, you had Skinner talking about his experience with the paranormal in Vietnam," Pileggi explained. "They go there. So it’s really cool. I’m very excited about it, I just read the script and it’s really cool.”

That episode was written by Gabe Rotter who worked on many episodes in the original run of the show and co-produced Season 10. According to Duchovny it will be a "Skinner-centric" episode on the characters backstory. As we recently learned, the Cigarette Smoking Man's backstory will also be explored.



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