The X-Files: The Real Story Behind Season 11's Big Mulder/Skinner Brawl

In The X-Files ‘ newly released Season 11 trailer, longtime frenemies Mulder and Skinner can be seen literally going at each other’s throats. What’s the nature of the duo’s beef this time around? We got the truth out of Mitch Pileggi.

“It’s about Scully,” Skinner’s portrayer tells TVLine, adding that he has long attempted to telegraph to the audience that his short-fused G-man “might have a little crush on Scully” — one that that has led him to have some “resentment toward Mulder.” Combine that with the fact that both characters are “bulls” possessing “a s–tload of testosterone” and fisticuffs are likely to result.

As Pileggi reveals, the showdown — which occurs early into the 10-episode season — was brought down a notch or two during production. “It was supposed to be a lot more violent,” he explains. “Originally, what the stunt people had blocked was a [real] brawl. And we were all like, “These two guys are friends. Unless they are in some kind of drug-induced state, I don’t think they would behave like that.’ So we pulled it back quite a bit.”



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