The X-Files Plots Another Darin Morgan Classic — 2018 FIRST LOOK

Bold prediction: One of the 10 new X-Filesepisodes coming our way in 2018 will be completely, utterly bananas.

The franchise’s most out-there auteur, Darin Morgan, is poised to follow up 2015’s inspired “Mulder & Scully Meet the Were-Monster” withanother undoubtedly surreal installment, this one featuring a guest turn by Veep‘s Brian Huskey. Little is known about the outing, although David Duchovny recently hinted to TVLine that Morgan’s disdain for his alter ego remains very much in tact.

“What I personally love in [Darin’s episodes] is that he hates Mulder,” the actor says with a laugh. “He’s always trying to make Mulder an imbecile and the butt of every joke.”

And as much as he relishes the chance to play the quasi-victim, Duchovny admits it represents something of an acting challenge. “It’s very difficult to figure out how to play Mulder in those episodes because he’s such an ass, and I feel pressure to find that place where I can service how funny it is and still keep Mulder Mulder. It’s a bit of a pressure cooker for me because I love Darin and I want his episodes to have integrity. I don’t want it to just be this goofy thing like, ‘Oh, we’re not The X-Files this week. We’re winking. It’s not really Mulder.’ I want it to be more than that.”

Series creator Chris Carter recently described Morgan’s latest as “original, smart, funny… everything you expect” from the left-of-center writer-director. He also teased that the episode features “a big link to previous X-Files episodes.”



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