Truth's out on new 'X-Files' film

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. - David Duchovny says there's a new X-Files movie on the way.

"I'm supposed to see a script next week," Duchovny said during a session for his new Showtime series Californication at the Television Critics Association tour on Saturday night.

"Chris (Carter) is going to direct it. Gillian (Anderson) is on board and I'm on board."

Is there a tentative shooting schedule for the new X-Files film?

"I think it's November for a summer (2008) release," Duchovny said.

Rumours of scripts for another X-Files movie have surfaced before, but Duchovny said there's a major difference this time.

"I'm actually supposed to see it next week," Duchovny said. "Before I would just say that because they told me.

"But now I've been talking to Chris (Carter) and he has been giving me progress reports. He actually called yesterday and said next week you should have something to read."

It's supposed to be a "one-off" script according to Duchovny, meaning it is not being written with multiple sequels in mind.



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