"X-Files 2, the movie, is coming"

These words were of Gillian Anderson, the Scully of the popular American Tv series and guest of the 37 GFF.

The series has not been made for five years, and the producers have no intention to make another- explained Anderson – but they are indeed projecting a new episode for the cinema". The first "X-Files" movie was released in 1998.

"It is very difficult to work for the cinema when you interpret such a characterizing role like Scully – added Anderson - when I work for the cinema I try to detach myself from the X-Files character".

The actress also announced her debut as a producer, as well as actress, of a film about Martha Gellhorn, journalist, writer and third wife of Ernest Hemingway. Among the next projects are "How to lose friends & alienate people" by Robert B.Weide, with Kirsten Dunst and Jeff Bridges, "No one gets off in this town" by Richard Kwietniowski with John Hurt and "Smell of apples", a film which will be shot in South Africa.



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