Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny - Access Hollywood

GA: What was your first impression of me when we met?
DD: Let me see if that’s really written.
GA: It is, it is!
DD: I can picture you were, I think, maybe, maybe I’m making it up. But you were sitting outside Peter Roth’s office where we were gonna go read together for The X-Files. There were two guys and three girls, and we were all going to mix and match. And I went up to you, you were sitting there, I wanted to work on some lines with you, and we ran the lines. And it’s 15 years ago, so I don’t remember exactly. You just said I tried to pick you up, I don’t remember that, and I don’t think that’s true. But I think it’s funny.
GA: It is funny.
DD: If you could give Scully a fashion makeover… What do you think of me? Kidding. If you could give Scully a fashion makeover, how would you like to see her dressed?
GA: Oh my goodness. I think the fashion makeover kinda happened half way through the series. The first half, was, I mean I wasn’t paying attention, and clearly nobody else was either.
DD: Right.
GA: But it was…
DD: Pantsuits.
GA: Yeah, there was a lot of turquoise, and…
DD: Hillary Clinton took a page from early Scully.
GA: And I would, what would I do? I don’t know, she’s okay now. She doesn’t need a makeover, she’s alright. What did you splurge on your first paycheck with The X-Files?
DD: Nah I don’t think, I’m not a splurger, I haven’t splurged yet. But I think I bought a nice car.
GA: What was it? Do you remember what it was?
DD: [smacks cards on his leg]
GA: C’mon! What was it?
DD: What the hell, it was a BMW, it wasn’t like a…
GA: You were with a Dodge for 15 years, a brown Dodge.
DD: Yeah and I gave it to Roger (?)’s daughter. Oh wow, this is fairly similar to the question I asked in jest a moment ago. After all those years together, what do you love the most about me? And what’s my most annoying habit?
GA: You throw cards up in the air is your most annoying habit. What do I most like about you? As appose to the character?
DD: That’s what it says.
GA: I guess, I like how…I’m not going to go into the intellect, that’s just, you know, we’ve heard that over and over again. Actually… You can’t even look at me when I pay you a compliment, can you? Actually I like your sense of humor.
DD: Thank you, thank you.
GA: No I do, I like your sense of humor very, very much. You are very funny. Can you whistle a bit of the X-Files theme music for me?
DD: I don’t whistle, I can’t whistle. Something we’d asked “what do we not know about you”. I cannot whistle.
GA: I didn’t know that about you.
DD: Can you whistle?
GA: Yeah I can.
DD: Can you whistle the X-Files music?
GA: [whistles X-Files music]
DD: Pretty much in key too, very well done.
GA: Okay, thank you. Do you think your fans are seeing a little bit too much of your body in Californication?
DD: No. You had your first child Piper during the second season of the show, now you are getting ready to have your third, how are you feeling? Have you picked out baby names yet?
GA: Yes I have. Fox.
DD: Fox.
GA: Yeah. What should happen in the third X-Files movie?
DD: Um, there should be no junkets afterwards. It should just come out, and be a huge success.
GA: I agree with you. Umm..
DD: The world…It’s my turn. The world has changed quite a bit since…
GA: I’ve got the same one! And what steps have you taken for your family to go green?
DD: Well I drive an electric car, one of the few. Fully electric.
GA: Do you really?
DD: It’s a Toyota. They stopped making them. They don’t want to sell them. It’s my idea. But I’ve had it for about five years, and it’s been a great car.
GA: Very proud of you. I unplug phone chargers, computers, and stuff like that.
DD: It’s good to see you sacrifice.
GA: I recycle. You know I do bags, and that kind stuff. But what does it matter with oil, and all that kind stuff. What was your most unforgettable experience with an X-Files fan?
DD: A woman who had me tattooed on her breast, and then she wanted me to sign it, then she tattooed the signature. So now she has a tattooed, signed image of me on her breast, so that’s…
GA: That’s unforgettable. I ran into somebody in Australia who had us tattooed on each butt cheek.
DD: Mmm. Were you… Did you go home with the guy, and all a sudden…
GA: Woah, Mulder! Scully what are you doing here?!
DD: Saw in the mirror above the bed. It’s like Mulder upside down!




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