Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny - ET Interview

GA: It felt great. I was really looking forward to it, the first time we kinda came together on it was a read through which we did, which was the second time…
DD: There was a picture in an article somewhere.
GA: Yeah yeah.
DD: In a magazine…
GA: Of all of us sitting at the table.
DD: It’s funny.
GA: It is funny. We met at Chris’ house and sat down, and read the script together. It was kinda emotional. In fact Chris teared up a little.
DD: Yep, Chris was crying so.
GA: It was… It was something he had wanted to do for a long time, there was many times when it looked like it wasn’t going to happen.
DD: Even though I was the driving force.
GA: Even though you were the driving force.

Interviewer: Now you guys have seen each other for five years, what was up with that?
DD: Yeah. Well Gillian lives in London and I live here.
GA: We email each other from time to time.
DD: We’ve seen enough of each other, quite honestly. I mean we spent almost every day together for eight and half years. I’m not kidding!
GA: That’s more time than I have spent with my brother or sister in their lifetime, so that’s a lot.
DD: Or any of your many husbands.
GA: *laughs, slaps DD on the arm playfully* Shut up!

Interviewer: How curious were you guys to see where your relationship was headed?
DD: Curious, yeah. And I think it’s… it’s like… what sets this thriller apart from other thrillers. There is a vital, maturing adult relationship that is in the center of it that’s both being driven and driving the mystery of the crime that they are trying to solve, or the mystery they are trying to solve. So as they are being pushed deeper into the unknown, they question each other more. And as they question each other more, they are also more pushed to solve this mystery.
GA: He’s really good isn’t he?
DD: I’m gonna… I need a nap after that one. I need to sleep after that one. I didn’t breathe during it and I got lightheaded.

Interviewer: Does it feel good to work on this together again? Would you consider having Gillian on you… (show, Californication)
DD: Well that’s a question I have been getting asked, and I think we as actors bring so much baggage into it because Mulder and Scully, it is almost impossible to watch us and not think that. And then all a sudden you are not really watching the show or the reality you are supposed to be in, but you know, I like working with Gillian. It might be a lark to have her on, but maybe there’s something else for us to do, I don’t know.

Interviewer (to GA): Would you like to go on the show?
DD: I don’t think she has seen it, but…

Interviewer: Have you seen it?
GA: I haven’t seen it, but… I like… You know, I think it would be fun for the two of us to work together in a different capacity, but it is a complicated thing to figure out what it would need to look like to make it work and not have people… completely unable to separate us from two characters.
DD: You know I don’t think we’ve been typecasted, but if we were going to appear together, I think it’s too much to ask that we not be typecasted, you know, together.
GA: Unless we are together as two people who…
DD: Have different sexes?
GA: No other than that. Who are trying not to be typecasted, we are you know…




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