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Julie Chen (CBS host): Batman fans are loving the Dark Knight, now the fans of Agents Scully and Mulder get to have their turn. The new X-Files movie opens this Friday, 6 years after the show went off the air. People magazine executive editor and The Early Show entertainment contributor Jesse Cagle spoke with both David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson, right?

Jesse Cagle (JC): Both of them, right. And believe it or not, this is David and Gillian’s first broadcast interview together in a decade. Now the film’s plot, particularly the relationship between the film’s two characters is shrouded in mystery, but as they say, the truth is out there, and I did my best to find out.

*TV show opening credits playing*

JC (voiceover)
: The eerie music is back, along with David Duchovny as Fox Mulder and Gillian Anderson is Dana Scully, for years on The X-Files series, they teamed up to investigate the paranormal and uncover dark and foreboding secretes along the way, but they can keep a secret too.

JC: So the big buzz about this movie obviously is how far does the Mulder and Scully relationship go, so what are you going to say about that, and what can you say about that?

DD: Umm, this air after the movie’s out?

JC: No, no, it will air before.

DD: Oh okay, then absolutely nothing. *everyone laughs* Well actually it’s been six years between where we saw them and where we see them now, so they’ve been together in some capacity. I will say that, it’s not like they have split up. That’s what’s interesting about the movie, that kind mature relation, maturing relationship within a thriller.

* “Dirty glass scene from the movie” *

JC (voiceover): This time around Scully convinces Mulder to meet with a self-proclaimed psychic who might not be telling all he knows about a string of murders. The rest is so secret this is the only scene between Duchovny and Anderson that the studio is releasing to the public. Anything else, they say, will spoil too many surprises.

GA: You know that relationship is so intimate for so many years. The friendship, the comradery, the love these people share for each other goes beyond any, you know, the paper that signed, or any sex scene, or any… you know, it’s so much deeper than all of that. And they should just leave it alone.

DD: What did you have for lunch? *everyone laughs*

*clip from Last King of Scotland and Californication*

JC (voiceover): Both actors have made a point to show other sides of their talent since X-Files went off the air. Anderson won acclaim for stage work and movies like The Last King of Scotland. David Duchovny won a Golden Globe for playing a washed-up writer in Californication.

JC: Was there any reluctance to go back to this?

DD: No, not at all, not at all. I mean, it’s a cast that I love, it’s a show that I love, I love working on it, with Gillian, and the people. You know all those questions about typecasting and all those questions that dogged us. You know that was the question that got asked us more than anything, “are you afraid of being typecasted”.

GA: We said no then we were. *laugh*

* more clip from “Dirty glass” scene*

JC (voiceover): In truth, Duchovny and Anderson have managed to avoid being typecasted by their X-files roles, and since their on-screen chemistry is so clear, maybe that means they will welcome more X-Files movies in the future.

DD: In life you have chemistry with people, you also have that as an actor and you don’t have any control over it as in life. You know we were lucky, like Gillian said.

GA: It’s almost despite of us somehow.

DD: Yeah, we try not to have it. *everyone laughs*

GA: Boy did we try!

JC: Duchovny and Anderson say this movie will satisfy all those X-Files fanatics out there, but if you are an X-Files novice, I think you will enjoy the movie just as much. Julie.

Julie Chen: Jesse, why did it take so many years to get this movie finally made?

JC: Well there were a lot fights about money. Most recently between the creator Chris Carter and FOX, the studio. But also Duchovny also had some disagreements about money with them as well.

Julie Chen: But everyone’s happy now.

JC: JC: Clearly everyone’s happy, all back together, one big happy family




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