Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny - Australian Sunrise

Male host: He believes in aliens, she’s a skeptic, but together FBI Agents Mulder and Scully work on The X-Files to take a crack at paranormal phenomenon.

Woman host: Well 10 years after the TV series and the first movie release, The X-Files are back with a sequel, The X-Files: I Want to Believe is out this Thursday, and Nelson Aspen caught up with stars David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson. Take a Look.

NA: When you read the script for this edition of The X-Files, were you surprised by it?

DD: Well I knew it was going to be a stand-alone, which was right and smart because it’s been six years since the show ended. You want to make the movie palatable to people who don’t know anything about The X-Files. So I was reading it for that. I wasn’t necessarily reading it as what am I going to do as Mulder, or what’s Mulder’s story, ‘cause he’s kind fallen on harder times, and has a beard, which is always a good cue that a guy has fallen on hard times.

*clip from dirty glass scene*

NA: Is there something you have in common with him?

DD: Well we look a lot alike.

NA: Yeah you do.

DD: One of the reasons that I like playing this character is really his one-minded passionate belief and his refusal to give up. I like that, so I would hope I share that with him.

NA: Why do you suppose there continue to be, after all these years, such a keen interest, not just… you know, the junkies.

DD: I don’t know. I think when the show first came out it filled this vacuum of TheTwilight Zone, or what Alfred Hitchcock presents. Then it brought this kind of paranormal element that was caught on. And then you added this relationship people got into between Mulder and Scully. So I think after you put those three things together it just kind was the perfect storm for something big.

*clip from trailer*

NA: I was totally mesmerized by your face for the entire 104 running minutes. *GA laughs* You are getting more beautiful with time. Hollywood, youth obsessed, yet you get more lovely. To what do you credit that?

GA: Awww, you can come again, you can interview me any time.

NA: What is it that draws you back to this character?

GA: Well, it’s something we had discussed at the end of the series, that if we were all still alive and kicking, we would come together again and do it. So I think we all felt like it was a matter of time. It was just further along than we had anticipated.

NA: Did you have fun?

GA: Yeah! No we absolutely did, especially when we were working with Billy Connolly and Xzibit. We had a lot fun, and it was a lot of laughter and we were all very grateful to be back in Vancouver again, to have the opportunity to do this experience together.

NA: I know you are a passionate art aficionado, I was wondering if maybe you had any experience with aboriginal art, from Australia. If you are a fan?

GA: Yeah, I do actually why? You asking, because you know something?

NA: Well because I’m representing Australia.

GA: I have had a very funny experience with an aboriginal artist that I met, and I ended up buying one of his pieces and that’s a very long and not often repeated story that goes along with it.

NA: Now cue The X-Files theme. Pretty cool! Thank you so much.

*clips from the trailer*




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