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IESB: First of all, congratulations, it’s good to see you back on the big screen together, that’s awesome. I’m a huge X-Files fan, so that’s pretty cool. How easy was it for you guys to get back into character, to get back into this world? Was there time where you guys hesitated to really come back aboard?

DD: There was no time when we hesitated to say yes to the movie, but there was certain hesitation to starting perform the guy again, and that didn’t go away until I was able to do a scene with Gillian, and we were Mulder and Scully, and that was really when the magic happened for me, and I got back into it. Luckily before that all I had to do was running around. Doesn’t look horrible, because it could be anybody running.

GA: Yeah, the same for me. I mean unlucky for me because I actually had a pretty big scene on my first day of shooting and kind to thrust Scully back into the height of her emotions in one scene and had nothing to do with David, so I felt like I was pretty much in left field for the first few days until we were able to do a scene together, where I think that was the most natural thing of all.

DD: Yeah.

IESB: Now when most people work on a project they like talking about it. The first movie, we kind knew there were aliens involved and all this other stuff. Was it kind hard knowing that Chris and the production really wanted to keep this story under wraps and there was even disinformation that was being passed along, specifically even from the production company? Was it hard for you guys to not talk about the project?

DD: No, not at all. I mean it’s…I prefer not to talk about it.

GA: Yeah.

DD: So it’s been… Publicizing it this time around it’s been kinda fun because I just… I can say “no”, you know, “I can’t talk about that” or “I don’t want to talk about that”, so I think the motivation behind that whole thing was to… Chris and Frank, aside from hiding a big idea in the movie that they didn’t want out long before the movie came out. It’s just try to give people the experience of going into a movie and not knowing every damn thing about it. You know, so this is a thriller, you are not supposed to know everything. You are supposed to try to keep up. You are supposed to be one step behind. You are not supposed to be one step ahead. So if you know what the end is, if you know what’s it about, for me it’s not as good, but it’s the way they all are now. You know, we all know everything about it, so luckily we’ve been able to kind keep it a little secret, so…

GA: It’s a gift, it’s an extra gift.

DD: We are giving you a gift. It’s a gift from us to you.

IESB: So make sure fans know there… that they had to say at the end credits.

DD: Yeah, they should.

IESB: There is one more scene they have to see you guys in.

DD: Yeah Chris calls it the “Easter egg”.

GA: Really, is that what he… *laughs*

DD: The Easter Egg. *GA laughs some more*

IESB: Now Chris says he really want to see these characters continue on, bringing in the 2012, the Mayan calendar thing, so there is talk of hopefully…

GA: Yeah, but that depends on the audience.

DD: Don’t lay back and expect it to happen.

GA: No, no…

DD: You have to go see this movie…

GA: Many times I think in order for us to be able to make back there, yeah.

DD: Yeah.

IESB: Good to have you guys, congratulations, good seeing you guys again.

DD&GA: Thank you.




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