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9News: As everyone know by now, I went to Los Angeles on Friday to interview the stars of The X-Files. Now in the interest of full disclosure, 20th Century FOX did pay my way. Now here’s the deal: I saw the movie on Friday night, then I got to interview the stars on Saturday. Now I didn’t know till I got there, I only had 4 minutes! 4 minutes to interview Mulder and Scully! Four! Anyway, here’s a look at my interviews.

*clip from trailer*

CC: The show’s impact and its fanbase are still strong. It’s really the reason we made the movie is that the hardcore fans keep telling us to make the movie.

*clip from “this is not my job” scene*

DD: We have this whole history of the characters at our fingertips.

*clip of “done chasing monsters in the dark”*

9News: Was there any hesitation when you first signed on? A genre show, type casting. But you both have done such an amazing job of being able to find other work. I mean people have accepted you in other roles.

DD: She’s good.

*clips from “dirty glass” scene*

GA: You know at the beginning we didn’t know we were going to go more than 13. We didn’t know… I had no clue that the impact it was gonna have on my life. All I knew was that my first paycheck was bigger than I or my parents have ever seen in my entire life. That’s what you were focused on.

DD: *laughs* That didn’t sound right.

*GA cackles*

9News: So was there any discussion of somehow incorporating the characters of Doggett or Reyes?

CC: Umm, there was a discussion about it. We love those characters, we love those actors, we decided in this movie not to put those two people in. We really felt we have to in a way to reintroduce The X-Files concept and Mulder and Scully to casual viewers, t non-viewers, and we hope we would not abuse the diehard fans in the process.

*more clips from movie*

CC: People who have seen it say it delivers on The X-Files promise.

9News: I gotta say Gillian Anderson is stunning in person. She is four-month (my note, actually 5.5) pregnant, and she is just stunning, and of course David Duchovny is a good looking guy, and they were just so nice. Again, I only had 4 minutes, so I tried to make the best of it and it was a great time.



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