Gillian Anderson, David Duchovny, Chris Carter - TV Guide Channel interview

TV Guide: All your fans of diabolical, creepy sci-fi series, you know you are out there, the new X-Files movie is just days away. Hollywood 411's Mark sat down with stars David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson. But Mark's not so sure what's creepier: the movie or Gillian's story about David.

TV Guide: After working together for more than 200 episodes of the series and the original X-Files movie, just how hard was it for Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny to rediscover Scully and Mulder?

DD: It's familiar and strange you know. At first you think, oh it's going to be easy, I did this for almost a decade.

GA: And the opportunity to come back and do it again is you know, it's been a good one.

TV Guide: The movie's super-secret script has started a frenzy of online chatters about the plot. Even now, with the release just days away, the stars are keeping quiet. What can you tell us about some of the secrets?

DD: I'm a werewolf, and...

GA: I'm an angel.

TV Guide: okay, so they may not be giving anything away, but we can tell you this: the movie picks up where the series left off with Mulder and Scully still uncertain about the truth behind paranormal activity and still uncertain about their romantic feelings for one another.

CC: It's not this chemistry (meshing/crossing his hands) even though it seems like it sometimes. It's this chemistry (sorta hitting his fists together). It is opposing forces.

TV Guide: Audiences have been through so much with David and Gillian, so is there anything left to learn about them?

GA: David has three nipples.

TV Guide: Wow.

GA: And the 3rd one is not...

DD: Not even on my body.

GA: *laughing* Not even on his body.

DD: I keep it at home.

GA: In a jar.

DD: In a box.

TV Guide: Bizarre and disturbing, kinda like The X-Files, which you can catch in theatres this Friday.




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