David Duchovny and Chris Carter - FOX News

Voiceover: It's been six years since the hit FOX show went black, ten years since its first movie debut, but Mulder and Scully are reopening The X-Files, the new sci-fi thriller, I Want to Believe.

DD: It was always the only way to continue the show, if we wanted to. I think we all wanted to, we all loved the frame of the show and the show. It just became, after 8, 9 years, the television show had run its course. We didn't want the show to end, so it was natural to make movies every now and then of it.

Voiceover: A psychic claims to have the knowledge of the fate of kidnap victims, leaving the two former agents to a much bigger mystery
. And according to series creator Chris Carter, those hardcore fans have themselves to thank for bringing The X-Files back.

CC: We've just been hearing these drumbeats out there. People have taken out ads, billboards, and we felt it on the internet. And Frank Spotnitz has always said it'd be a shame... He's my writing partner here, and my producing partner... He would always say it'd be a shame if this movie never got made.

DD: It was very easy for us to say yes. Obviously we hope, we still hope that there is a huge audience out there that was loyal to us six years ago and new audience to be found.


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