Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny - The Vegas Film Critic

GA: (referring to the interviewer's shirt) no actually you made a really nice design over there.

Vegas:: Oh I did?! Are we going? Oh I'm sorry we are rolling.

DD: We are almost done.

Vegas: We are almost done. Great movie. *GA laughs* alright so what brought you two back together? Did you ever think it was gonna happen. It's been what, six years since the last film?

DD: Yes. No, actually 10 years since the last film, 6 years since the show ended. Yeah I always, at the back of my mind, thought we'd do another movie, at least another movie, yeah.

Vegas: And it was probably based on a script right? Because this show you can go anywhere. So I know the script is really secretive.

GA: Well, Chris Carter our executive producer, you know, wrote the script, co-wrote it with Frank Spotnitz. The two of them came up with something, and then, didn't have to do too much convincing, talked us into getting involved in it and it was delayed for a little while and we didn't know if it were going to happen.

DD: Then they lost their cards.

GA: Yeah

DD: And they have to reinvent it.

GA: And then they somehow pulled it together and FOX said okay so here we are.

Vegas: And what's probably going to be surprising to fans is that it doesn't pick up essentially where the series.. A Hardy Boys, Nancy Drew, let's go get them. It's more of a...

DD: Hardy boys... *GA laughs*

Vegas: You know, that kind of a investigative

DD: Where were you when the Hardy boy started?

Vegas: It was more like, you know, a lot of the movie is based on your relationship.

DD: Yeah! Thank you.

Vegas: Where it's been over these years.

GA: Yep.

Vegas: So for fan... we have X-Files parties at my house, watching it every Friday... It was great to see where... because I was wondering what happened to you two?

DD: Well, we didn't know, at least when I started the movie, I was always... For me it was always the relationship played. It wasn't anything that I played or Gillian played, it was just there, and we were lucky enough that it played, so we never thought about it. So I didn't think about it coming in here, about how we are going to play that relationship, I thought about the story. But Chris has always said that this movie at the heart is the relationship, and I was like "not really", but now that I've seen it, and now I talked to people about it, he's completely right that the heart of the movie is the relationship, and that's what separates us from other suspense movies or thrillers.

Vegas: She's still the skeptic, and that line she said, "don't want to look into the darkness any further", I thought it was a very poignant line.

DD: Yeah, it doesn't have to be Mulder and Scully. I think any kind couple can relate to that, you know, not every couple is chasing down aliens and whatnot, but any couple can relate to work, life, love, those things.

Vegas: Billy Connolly, what an amazing casting choice!

GA: He's a hoot.

DD: He's a hoot, he's a real hoot.

GA: Yeah.

Vegas: No one knows how funny... But he's really funny!

GA & DD: He is, he is, he is.

Vegas: He's a comedian!

DD: Those comedians you know, sad clowns. He's a sad clown. *GA laughs* and a hoot.

Vegas: What's unique and different from the series and this movie is that we didn't really have the internet when The X-Files was on, it was just developing.

DD: Yeah, we created the internet, The X-Files

Vegas: Especially you (pointing to GA) were using google in the movie, to research. I thought how much easier jobs would be if the show was still on if you could use the internet to gather information

GA: That's very true.

DD: Well, you gather information on the internet, but is it correct?

GA: ooooooooo....

DD: You know.

Vegas: Is that a conspiracy?

DD: I know. Like Wikipedia, is like people throwing shit together, right.

Vegas: That's true.

DD: It's not like an encyclopedia.

Vegas: Where things are verifiable.




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